Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Reunion

Got up at 5:15 this morning, and we were on the road by 6:30 am.  The first half of the trip was very uneventful….got through Bakersfield, got gas just north of there, got through Fresno and all the little and not-so-little towns between and after there.  By the time we hit Merced, the traffic was just coming out a bit.  Then we went through Atwater and I thought we might have blown a few tires the road was so very, very bad.  Then some guy and his family, probably headed to church, pulled on the freeway in a nice foreign luxury car and instead of stepping on it, he just slowly matched my speed and tried coming right onto the freeway….so I slow, he slows.  Well, we gave him a good “wave” and sent him off to church in front of us.  (Now Nancy Kissack, I know you live in this area, if you are reading this, I hope it wasn’t anyone you knew…but it was a friendly wave…all fingers, not just one.)  From there the traffic just got heavier and heavier all the way to Loomis, where we decided on night at a RV park was in order before we pull into my sister’s backyard tomorrow for a month.

Sister Sandy with Bubba and Skruffy

My sister Sandy was first to see us. and I let go of the dogs leashes and they bolted up to see here. 

Arnie with Bubba

Arnie was barbequing and Sandy called him out front and Bubba had his reunion right there in the “Shop Dog’s Garage”.  Arnie is down to only two old vehicles to work on now…never saw his garage so empty…nor his backyard.

My parents, Arnie's mom and son

Purpose of the BBQ was for that young lady in the white sitting down with one of Arnie’s sons standing next to her.  She is in her early 90’s, and just got back from Utah where she was with Arnie’s brother for nearly a year.  Today’s BBQ was for all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren living in the area to come by.  That’s my mom and dad to the right.

Arnie's granddauhter, my sister Patti, Sister Sandy and Arnie

They had a house full of people, which is why we decided to wait a day to pull the motorhome into the backyard.  My sister Patti was also there, and it was just so nice to see family, and to see Arnie’s children and grandchildren see their grandmother and great-grandmother.  


Skruffy just couldn’t understand why we didn’t have the motorhome out back!  But she was so happy to see EVERYONE.


And Bubba…well, he liked seeing everyone too…checking out everything, but most of all, seeing his Uncle Arnie and Aunt Sandy. He is looking forward to his special nightly treat he gets while we are here.  (Skruffy misses out because she would rather be in the motorhome with mom and dad while Bubba likes to spend his early night with Sandy and Arnie until it is bedtime.)

This is the third time we have stayed in the Loomis RV Park, we do it for the convenience of its location, although it is not a bad park, and soon to be a Good Sam's park.  You can search our blog for past postings about it.


  1. I'm truly happy for you to have a family reunion! What a blessing! :)

    1. Thanks Lynn, truly blessed in so many ways. Hope you are doing well. --Dave

  2. Wasn't anyone I knew Dave!! They did the same thing when I was driving back East ... very irritating and dangerous!!! That section of Highway 99 through Atwater is horrible ... it really makes your teeth chatter!! Since they have fixed the roads everywhere else in California, I'm hoping we are on the list ... probably at the bottom!!

    1. I told you I would honk as I went by....didn't know it would be honking at one of your neighbors, but I had to get his attention so that he would pull in front of me. I understand when a person is driving like an older VW and has trouble getting it up to speed....but this was a newer European car....he could have had it up to 60-65 very easy as I was going exactly 55 mph.

  3. Don't think we have ever been on the road by 6:30. 7:00 is the best we've ever done and that was when we just pulled into a parking lot and spent the night and got up and drove away having breakfast further down the road. Good for you two. I like to start early and then stop early too. Sounds like a wonderful family month coming up.

  4. I have driven highway 99 enough to know that on a Sunday, you want to get as far as you can before noon because it can get very busy with weekend warriors returning home from either the Sierras or the Ocean. We did good, and it will be a nice break until we start our Alaska trip.


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