Monday, October 15, 2012

Skruffy & Bubba's Memories

After they enjoyed a long nap, the puppies woke up and told me about their favorite pictures.  Skruffy, being so dominant as she is, did not let Bubba get very many barks in, so naturally there are more of her than of him...but as she sees it, she is a "star", and he is not....and she has the paper work to prove it!  (I never had the heart to tell her that being in the "Pine Bluff Commercial Magazine" is not movie star material...but she would not listen to me if I did!)
I'm such a Star!
Now are you SURE I will look like this when we return to Palm Harbor?

WOW!  I have my own "Man Cave"
Hmmm....there might be something to this Man Cave....wonder if it could be a Woman Cave instead!
"Out of MY Man Cave" ...... "No, it is my Woman Cave" ......obviously, this is not going to work....
Ok Dad, now get ready to turn onto the highway....then you go 3 miles...

This navigation stuff makes one sleeeeepy.....
Bubba will tell dad which way to go........ Skruffy will tell dad which way to go.....

Look, if you didn't go to sleep Dad wouldn't have stopped at this barren place....I don't see any grass anywhere!
I told you....there is not a speck of grass anywhere!  How is a girl to squat down on this hard dirt?
If we ask him nicely, maybe he will take us back to the dessert!

So, why do they have grass all over, but not in the dog run?  What do you mean "Cause we are in California?"
Now this KOA Dog Run does not have grass either, I guess all these trees keep the grass from growing.
Look Dad, it is more fun over there, and I just don't want to walk up this plank!
Wow Bubba, look at this Dog Bowl!  Can't wait until dinner....
WOW!  Uncle Arny and Aunt Sandy have a neat yard!  Hey, do you think we can get one of them Squirrels?
I am going to get this Squirrel, I am going to get this Squirrel....
GOT YOU!  Bubba Look, I caught me a Squirrel!
Take that, and this bite is for all that chirping you do, and this bite is for stealing all them nuts, and this bite is for....
Skruffy, you might think you are a movie star...but you sure are a stupid one!  This be a stuffed, fake Squirrel.
Look Grandma, he is YOUR son, tell him we want to stay in Sacramento longer....PLEASE!!!!

Hey Uncle Arny, why don't you just hide in the motor home and come with us?  We will let you have the Man Cave!
Look, we took a vote...we don't want to go!
So, I thought we left you in Sacramento?  Did you bring any Arny Treats with you????
Bubba, I found your new Man Cave!

This is no Man Cave, it smells like someone peed on this tree about 300 years ago.
Wonder What these Two are Dreaming about...
Oh, should have Known that is what they are Dreaming of....
Ok, I see trees, grass, squirrels....but there is no sign of Arny anywhere.....told you it was just a dream!  But just in case, let's take turns keeping an eye out for Uncle Arny out the window...
ARNY!  ARNY!  Uncle Arny, are you out there?

This just does not look like Uncle Arny's house....
ARNY!  ARNY!  Uncle Arny, are you out there?
WOW!  Mom and Dad drove us all the way back to Sacramento for the 4th of July!
But who invited these guys along?  What do you mean they are my cousins??  We want Arny to ourselves!!!
What do you mean we have to move on?  Who is going to give us our Arny Treats?

Dad, I just can't look at you in the eye treats, no Skruffy Kisses, that's how it's going to be!
Look, we will do ANYTHING for Arny Treats!
You mean, there is a Arny Cafe, what do they serve there?
Arny Treats from the Arny Cafe!!!!  Wow, I can't believe it!  Sure glad we earned some money!!!
Geezz dad, you are the best, well, Arny is the best, so you are second best...well, mom might be second best, can you settle for third best????  Can we open up the treats now????  PLEASE?????

Ok, we know the trip has to go long as you keep given us Arny Treats, we won't complain anymore...DEAL?
Yes, we know we were not going to complain, but this KOA Dog Run has no trees, no toys, not clean-up bags...
Hey Skruffy, LOOK!  My shadow looks like a upside down buffalo.
Hey Skruffy, look at this....
....I'm pretending I'm a Buffalo!
Last one across the bridge is a cat lover!

Now if there was just a bridge here, we could make it to the other side.

Are we about home yet?  We have been gone for 6 months, we have peed on just about every type of ground possible....

The Skruffy Album
Ok Dad, this is how you do it....

Yummm, that PB&J Sandwich sure looks and smells good...

Yep, I sure do look just does not match my name though

Did someone call me????
Bubba, you might pee on trees, but I get to get inside trees.

I don't care what you say....I am NOT getting out into that white stuff!

Hey Bubba, do you think we can swim to the other side????

Sigh...why do they like to put me into these scarey positions?

Seems like every ledge is getting higher and higher up!

Ok Dad, looks like you are going to clear it with room to spare, but why is it that the smallest one gets these crappy jobs?

A good reason not to like Texas....

Ok, enough already.....No more ledges!

Note from Bubba and Skruffy's parents.  No dog was hurt in the filming of this adventure.....err, except for Bubba who tore a back leg ACL while running on the thick, green grass in Sacramento, but has healed very well.  Both dogs have received their "Treat" just about every day since we left Sacramento in memory of their loving Uncle Arny who they miss so very much.  After visiting 23 states, make that only 20 for Bubba, we can honestly say that the dogs loved the travel, especially the new smells and territories to mark each and every time we stopped.  Skruffy LOVES to look out the window, to ride next to mom, and she is definitely the dominant dog.  Bubba loves his Man Cave, loves to sniff and smell all the new places, is a kind gentleman, allowing Skruffy to have her way most of the time.  Until our next big adventure, all they can say is BARK BARK Grrrrr YAP Yap