Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Mom Visits Great-Granddaughter


With Mom pretty much settled into the Assisted Living Home now, I decided to see if we could get her down to see and hold her Great-Granddaughter Addie, Michael and Anna's daughter.  Venturing out on a trip this long was something I wondered if Mom was going to able to handle...and she did.  This is her first time to hold Addie.  I have more shots which show how happy Addie and Mom were together, but we are really trying to keep closeup pictures of the child off the net.  But above you can see the BIG SMILE Mom has on her face!

Anna, who works from home, came outside where we met on a very nice, 76 degree afternoon.  Michael held Addie the most...I was taking pictures so I did not hold her this time, but I had a nice visit about a month earlier.  Anna sat for about a minute before Addie decided that she had enough of Daddy and wanted Mommy.

With the hand off complete, we visited for another 5 minutes or so before it was feeding time and nap time for the sweet little girl.  Five minutes later we were in the car headed for the Assisted Living Home again.

We (Marcia and I) arrived to get mom at 1:00, but she was not ready to travel until 20 minutes later.  Traffic was fairly heavy on the way down so our 1:45 arrival time was more like 2:05.  By 2:50 we were on our way back, arriving around 3:20.  No need to ask Mom how she enjoyed the trip because she was smiling all the way.

Hoping to get her back down to see Michael, Anna and Adeline in early July, and perhaps a trip to see Aunt Florence, and a couple of meals out before we escape from the Valley Heat in mid-July.  This has been the most mild June in the Sacramento area that I can remember...and so far nearly all Forest Fires have been held to under 100 acres, and only one over 150 acres, and it was down in Southern Cal.

Note:  Mom is much happier at this new location, adapting to the home-style life very easily.  They get her up around 8 am, and she is down for the night around 9 pm.  Sometimes she takes a nap in the communal living/family room, sometimes she is awake the entire day.  She is very much happier, and that is a huge plus.  She has moments of confusion, as any 93 year old would typically have.  As we headed back from Michael's she thought we were headed to the old place...but as we arrived at the home she remembered it right away.