Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 Travel Delay

After much consideration, Marcia and I have decided to sell the house, and make the condo we own in Holiday our permanent residence.  We hope to have the house ready for putting up for sale by mid to late March, and we figure it might take a few months to sell.  Then we will be hitting the road for perhaps 16-18 months before we return to the Palm Harbor area for the winter, if we are blessed to travel that long.  

We have been busy these past two months....well if you call having that darn flu being busy.  We both went through the first wave in late January, and then ten days after recovery, got hit again in early February.  This second wave hit us both hard, and we now just have that lingering cough that seems to be the bi-product of that particular strain of the flu.  This past week we have felt much better, and have been actively getting things done around here.

In early December we had lawn put in the front and the back of the house.  The lawn is very thick and we have had many good comments about it.  We put it in because the dogs needed lawn, and because it will help sell the house, which even back then we felt was a possible option.

 Views of the front of the house with the motor home parked in the driveway.

Both Skruffy and Bubba love the lawn, and with the local squirrels around here, are having almost as good of a time as they did in Sacramento at Uncle Arny and Aunt Sandy's house.  Only thing is, there are not as many squirrels around here...perhaps because it is not uncommon to see three to six Bald Eagles circling the neighborhood on most days.  

Bubba and Skruffy (above) trying to communicate with the dogs who live behind us.  While below they are in search of the Squirrel.

Above Bubba is sniffing along the north side fence right under the big Squirrel Home pictured below.

While Skruffy is on my outside chair's footstool on the lookout, while below she is looking intently at Bubba....if he indicates any signs of squirrels, off she will run.

This year is a bumper crop year for Bald Eagles around here, according to local news reports backed up by Marcia who has lived around here for twenty years or so.  I guess they love the "not-so-cold" weather that we have.  Oh, it did drop down to around 35 the other night...but typically it is no lower than the mid-50's, and many nights in the mid-60's, with daily highs of up to around 80.  I think I have worn long pants about seven times now...three of which was due to having the flu.  (Tried to get a picture of an eagle today, but the overcast weather seemed to keep them away.  They won't be around too much longer, as it will get to 82 degrees today...but the snow up north is something the eagles are not ready to face just yet....nor are the snowbirds who have come down south to get away from the cold northern weather.)

In a future post I will go over our up-coming travels, and when we hope to start, along with a post about cleaning out the battery compartment and cleaning up the house batteries.  And for our friends in Arkansas, we will be there in early May for a week for my youngest son's graduation from the UofA, so some of you will be seeing us then.