As we change the banner picture on our blog, the whole look of the blog changes.  Below are pictures of past banners, newest to oldest so that we (Marcia and I) can have a history of, and remember the changes to our blog over time.

 Living in Florida there are many opportunities for sunsets over the water.  One of my favorite places to get a sunset picture is at Crystal Bay in the Palm Harbor area.  This sunset was captured in early 2015.

In late July and first half of August we Ventured up to Olympic National Park.  This was one of our many "dry camping" campgrounds, this one specifically being Klahowya N.F. Campground.  It was so quiet, lush with vegetation, and just a wonderful place to camp.

In April 2015 we started out our journey with a stop in Prescott Arizona, and then on to Phoenix.  There is a vista pullout in which you can see the valley to the west of I-17, which includes where Sedona is.  Got this shot of our motorhome and that valley and mountains to the west.

In early December 2014 we updated our Panasonic DMC-FZ60 to the newer DMC-FZ70 version.  (The DMC-FZ60 is now our back-up camera.)  One feature the
DMC-FZ70 has is a Panoramic View, and I tried this new feature out in Tarpon Springs on the bridge along Alt-19, also known as Pinellas Avenue as it crosses over the Anclote River, facing northwest.

In early November, 2014, we visited Fort De Soto, the furthest southern point of land in Pinellas County, Florida.  This sunset, with the lighthouse lite-up on the left, was just too good to not put on our header for awhile during the time we are in Florida for the Winter.

Our first year with the Isata included a four month visit to the Sacramento area because mom had hip surgery, and with us not going to Alaska in 2014, helping family was in order, and it was our pleasure.  In September we left Sacramento and drove through Yosemite, over to Zion, Arches, Capitol Reef, up to Park City, and over to Moab to see Arches and Canyonlands (and we saw other places along the way).  In September we saw our first fall colors in the high Sierras, and by the time we got to Cedar Breaks National Monument, the Aspens were in full fall colors, and this became our banner as of September 25, 2014.

Our first "real" camping in our new Isata at COE park near Fort Smith, Arkansas was deserving of a banner picture of its own.  It was sure nice to be out camping again!  April 30, 2014.

Back in 2012 we visited Yellowstone National Park, staying at Henry's Lake in Idaho for about a week, where I took this picture.  Little did we know, when we picked this place to stay, that my brother-in-law Arny had gotten lost at Henry's Lake back when he was just a young kid.  With our start out on the road with our "new to us" Dynamx Isata, after our Jayco burned in a storage fire, I thought I would start out with a visit from the past, hence, Henry's Lake.

On January 10, 2014, after arrive back home to the Tarpon Springs/Holiday Florida area and back to our Condo, I put up this picture of the Sponge Diver Memorial located at the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


 On January 2, 2014 I put up this picture taken from McDowell Mountain Park.  The taller mountain in the center is Weaver's Needle located in the Superstition Mountains.

After Christmas I put up this shot of Crater Lake looking nearly due west, taken during our second visit there, this one in 2013.

For Christmas I put up this Christmas banner for about a week.

In September we went down the California Coast from Fort Bragg to Point Reyes.  At sundown I went to where you can see the Manchester Lighthouse, where I got this shot.  This is our banner from early-December 2013 to a few days before Christmas.

June of 2013 we traded the Eagle in for a Jayco Melbourne.  Not as big, but at least if there is a power failure we could put it in gear manually to help us slow down.  It is also about 50% lighter, and it is easier to drive...almost like a large van.  While on a trip up the South Oregon Coast in August, I got this shot with the pacific ocean as the back drop.  It was our first personal banner picture.  It was out banner for about 4 months.

When we first decided to travel, we purchased a 1998 American Eagle, no slide outs, about 40,000 miles on it.  It was a real nice motorhome...until one day when we were driving through Arkansas and everything went power failure due to some wiring problem.  Although we liked the motorhome, we just did not feel it was safe with the limited movement Marcia has due to MS....had this happened while coming down a steep grade like down Donner Summit to Sacramento, well, we would have had a hard time stopping it without burning up the brakes...which could start a fire, which means you need to evacuate real quick.  We never did use the Eagle as a banner because at that time I was still learning how to do this and make it look good.

Basic Blog Images

Above is the default image for the Picture Window template that we use on our blog.  It looks fuzzy, and only the blue sky and clouds actually showed up on the banner.

Next we used this image (above) which is also part of the basic Blogger choices.  Again with this picture only a portion of it showed up on the banner, from just above the horizon, so that the orange sky and the clouds showed on the banner.

Banner Wording

The wording of the blog title has not changed, and probably won't.  The first thing one needs to do is to pick a name.  We had several names, but all were taken, until we came up with Going RV Way.  With that, we secured the web domain names for and  Our domain provider is setup to have either of those names automatically go to "", which is our Blogger Blog Site.

This page will update as new banners are added, unless I forget.  :)

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