Tuesday, September 3, 2019

New Assisted Living Facility for Mom and Dad

At Sister's House, Citrus Heights, CA

The Terraces of Roseville

When we arrived in California back in May, Mom and Dad had already been looking at The Terraces Assisted Living Facility in Roseville.  The Brookdale Facility was ‘OK’, although there were a few issues that all of us were not very happy about.  And it was very unfortunate that when dad went into the hospital the last time, that when the emergency cord was pulled, no one showed up so Patti called 911 herself.  Amazingly the fire department showed up, hauled dad off to the hospital WITHOUT any staff member at Brookdale even knowing about it.  We never did get a good reason for that.  However, the MAIN REASON Mom and Dad decided to move was that it is closer to where Sandy and where Patti live.  For Patti it shortens her drive by nearly 5 miles, and Sandy by 2.5 miles.  That is a 33% reduction in travel for both of them, and due to the traffic congestion getting to Orangevale, it is even more of a time savings than that for both of them.  There are also a few other considerations that make this a better facility for Mom and Dad.  No one knew that on the day the move was to take place, Dad would be released from the Hospital.  No one said that life was going to easy, and Marcia and I did not arrive until the next day from Oregon so we were of no help whatsoever.

The Terraces of Roseville

When you walk into the front door of The Terraces, you are greeted by this wonderful entryway.  There are chairs off to the right of the stairs, there is a welcome desk which always has someone there during normal hours (like 8-6), and the people…both staff and residents, have been very, very nice.

The Terraces of Roseville

Above is a picture of the front left of the facility.  That wooden walkway leads up to a side door, which is locked, there is no key hole, but it leads very close to Mom and Dad’s apartment.  Although it is not good to arrive this way, it is good for exiting…so I typically park in a dirt area near here, enter through the front door, exit through this side door later.

The Terraces of Roseville

At Brookdale they had a two bedroom apartment, and the kitchen was a bit larger.  The Terraces, as did Brookdale, provides three meals a day, and you can also get snacks if needed, so the small refrigerator, microwave, and limited cabinet space will be adequate for their needs.  The living room and the bedroom is larger, and there is a large walk in storage closet next to the bathroom, so the space meets their needs.  There is also a larger patio which overlooks Cirby Creek, and Mom loves to sit out there...I wish I had taken a picture of the patio.

The Terraces of Roseville

Dad has been doing pretty good since he got out of the hospital 10 days ago.  On Sunday we had a BBQ at Arny and Sandy’s house, and Dad was able to handle the nearly 3 hours from when I picked them up to when I got them back.  Any type of move, especially at their age, is not easy…even when Patti and Sandy handled the majority of the move.  Heck, the only thing Arny and I moved into the apartment was this brown reclining love seat that Sandy found a few days ago...we both got hurt doing it.  Nothing major, let’s just say Arny’s fall was much harder than my fall, and my fall was much more entertaining, and thank goodness neither took place at The Terraces.

Huntley Park

Had we not came back to Sacramento early, today would have been the day that we left Huntley Park…instead we left 12 days ago.  Oh, I miss this view, one of my favorite views that I enjoyed every day.  I loved taking the camping chair out and just sit there watching.  If I was inside the motorhome at my chair, this is what I would see out my side window too.

Huntley Park

Even when the peace and quiet was momentarily disturbed by the Jet Boats going by…

Huntley Park

…the boats were offset by the abundance of birds and wildlife which I enjoyed watching…including this group of Snow Geese which showed up the day before we left.

Huntley Park    Huntley Park

And I certainly enjoyed watching the many Osprey, and the one Bald Eagle (pictures above are only of Osprey) which were constantly on the lookout for fish.

Huntley Park

And when fish was caught, they flew off to their nest to share with the little ones.

Gold Beach near Public Library 

Gold Beach near Public Library     Gold Beach near Public Library

The Osprey seem to be EVERYWHERE along the Oregon Coast.  These two above lived near the Public Library, where I would go and download movies onto our Kindles a few times per week.  One of those times I took the camera and got these shots above.  I never did spot the nest, but I am sure it is nearby. 

Hurrican Dorian Path

We try to be away from Florida during the summer and during Hurricane Season.  We have been watching Dorian for the past week.  Although we are thankful that it is not passing over Tampa as earlier paths showed a week ago, we are also thinking of those people in the Bahamas who lost everything.  We don’t know how many lost their lives, I am sure the number will be pretty big for such small islands, but we are thankful that the track will take it out to sea away from the large population along the east coast.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are struggling through this.  We also realize that Hurricane Season still has two more months to go…we will be watching...

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back in California's 100+ Degree Weather

At Sister's House, Citrus Heights, CA

Dad in Hospital

There is only ONE thing that would bring us back to the HOT Sacramento Valley...and that is someone who is sick.  Yep, dad ended up in the hospital again last Tuesday.  On Wednesday we made the decision to return, but it was raining in Southwest Oregon, so Thursday would be the day we would take off...but there was one slight problem...

Two weeks earlier as we returned from our weekly tank emptying, I surprisingly see this GASH in my front passenger tire.  WHAT!!!!  It was not there when we left my sister's place four weeks earlier.  The gash also included a balding spot about 3 inches each way...other than that the tread looked good.  

Michelin Tire near blowout

Down in Gold Beach there is a Chevron Gas Station which still does car service...for $20 they put the spare on the front right and that tire on the spare.  Although I was worried about driving those short 8 miles, we made it without problem...doing it as part of the next Tuesday tank dumping routine.  Besides dumping our tanks we also filled up with propane at the Union 76 gas station further south in Gold Beach, put in $40 of gas to get us to Fred Meyer in Brookings when we did leave...but the first priority was getting that tire changed.

Discount Tire 
For two weeks since discovering the bad tire, I had researched what tires I wanted to put onto the motorhome.  I knew I wanted to continue with Discount Tire...they have treated us well, and they are nationwide (not all states, but a bunch of them).   When the guy at the gas station took the tire off, he said that it appeared that the belt had busted, causing a weak area and eventually the hole.  We got these tires in the El Paso area back in 2015, and we have put over 55,000 miles on them, which included a trip to Alaska in 2016.  These tires were free, part of a recall of Michelin Tires which had history of the belts breaking...and one broke on us causing a blowout back in 2015.  I did buy a 7th tire back then as a spare...which was rotated onto the motorhome a few years later.  Bottom line, I was not comfortable with Michelin anymore. 

US Auto Authority  
Found a website published a few months ago by the US Auto Authority titled "Best RV Tires for Motorhome,Travel Trailer or Camper 2019".  This is their top 10:

US Auto Authority Top 10 RV Tires 

I then did more research on the Michelin XPS RIB and the Bridgestone Duravis M700.  There was NO WAY I was going to put on Goodyear, something that dates back to 1976 when I bought a set of Goodyears for my Malibu...long story which is not worth talking about now.  I decided upon the Bridgestone and planned to order them 10 days before we would originally have gone through Medford...buying tires in Oregon would be $250 cheaper than in California, and even a little less than in Florida...but there was no way we were going to Florida on these tires.  With our two week earlier departure date, I called Discount Tire in Medford on Wednesday and placed the order,  I was assured they would be in on Thursday around noon.  So at 6:30 Thursday morning we pulled out, bought coffee at one of those little coffee stands, pulled into a turnout to feed the dogs, filled up with gas in Brookings at Fred Meyer ($3.25 per gallon) and by 8:30 we were on the Redwood Highway in California headed for Medford.  Around 9:30 we got a call that the tires were in...but two hours later we got another call to say that only 4 tires were in, the other 2 were coming out of Washington State and would not be in until Friday...

Valley of the Rogue State Park 

I knew that the Valley of the Rogue State Park, 15 miles north of where Discount Tire was located in Medford, had nightly openings...so we drove there.  One thing about Medford is that we HAVE to drop by Harry and David to get sister Sandy Moose Munch, along with other goodies for Arny, Patti and Mom and Dad...so we took care of that on Thursday after setting up camp.  Thank goodness there is a Cracker Barrel near Harry and David now, so we took care of that too.

Bridgestone Duravis M700

With 4 tires at the store, and 2 more coming in around noon, we arrived at Discount Tire at 10 am. after filling with gas again at Fred Meyer, $2.75 per gallon. When FedEx arrived with the delivery, he did not have the tires because there was no room in the van when he left.  Telling him our predicament, he graciously returned to the terminal and got the dozen or so tires he had for delivery to Discount Tire, including our two.  I was so thankful, I gave him $10 for lunch, which he was very thankful for.  By 2:30 we were on our way.  Now, THIS is why I like Discount Tire.  Due to the bad tire experience with the Michelins, and with the one day delay in getting the tires, we were charged $1,075, which included a Certificates for Refund or Replacement for all 6 tires, mounting, balancing, tire disposal, and tax...oh ya, there is NO TAX in Oregon!  This is a savings of $275 over the normal Oregon price, and $500 less than the price we would have paid in California for all of this.  If there is a problem...if they screw up...if tires you bought previous did not meet your expectations, they take care of you.  As we pulled away, sister Patti texted me...dad was being released from the hospital.  Thought about turning around...but that thought did not last long.  I knew we would not make it to Citrus Heights on Friday, but we did get the motorhome washed at Blue Beacon Truck Wash in Corning, and stayed at the Willows Rest Area, 100 miles from Citrus Heights.  A bit hot, a bit noisy, by 6:30 Saturday morning we were on our way again, dumping our tanks again, stopping for coffee and feeding the dogs, we pulled into Arny and Sandy's at 9:30.  Nice to be back, but not nice weather.  Oh ya, I almost forgot...mom and dad moved to a different Assisted Living place on Friday, same day dad got out of the hospital.  Oh, what a weekend this has been!