Sunday, April 7, 2024

New 'To Us' Motorhome, Gator, More Birds


There's the Motorhome of our Dreams!  Heck, we are ready to sell the condo and just live in this baby forever!!!  Slab City here we come!  (Click Here if you don't know about Slab City.  I do not think I need to say, Late April Fools Day do I???)  

Here is the Gator that hangs out at the pond in front of the Library.  That is a White Ibis in the background.  I am guessing that the Gator is around 6' from nose to tail.  I have never seen it out of the water, and I have never seen it attack anything, but one day he was in about the same spot and he sure had his eye on a bird closer to him than that Ibis is at.  Anyway, I coughed a few times, and it turned its attention to me and swam all the way across the pond to close to where we were.  Of course, I got Indy into the car right away.  I drove away to a nearby store to buy a couple of Lotto Tickets, and on the way back to the Condo I pulled back into the Library and parked in the same location...the Gator was way over across the pond again.  I did a loud forced cough a few times and again it raced all the way over to where I was.  

This is the only day it ever reacted to me as I have tried coughing a few times more and got nothing...kinda like what I got on my Lotto Tickets!

Ibis hang out at the Library Pond the most.  I had not seen the Glossy Ibis, bottom two pictures above, but there have been 8-10 of them hanging out in the neighborhood.

Over at Anclote Park the Bird of the Day is the Pelican.  On a fairly calm day, they hang out near the boat launching area hoping to catch some scraps from fishermen who clean their catch before pulling their boats out of the water. 

Of course, there are other birds at Anclote Park.  Below is a Great Blue Heron

Well, everyone probably wants to know how the motorhome search is going.  The past few weeks have been eaten up with visits from Home Health.  When Marcia went to the Neurologist he suggested that she have Home Health come to the house for Mind Therapy.  What we did not expect was that he set up Home Health for Mind Therapy, for Occupational Therapy and for Physical Therapy.  The OT decided after the one visit that she did not need OT, so now we are down to two.  Marcia likes both the Mind and the Physical Therapists, but she is still not sold on the idea of having Physical we will see how that goes.  On Tuesday we need to go back to the Neurologist for an EEG (electroencephalogram), then she has Therapy Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I did get our taxes in the mail along with the First Quarterly Tax Payment, so at least that's another big item off the list.  Hmmm...wonder how much they want for that old bus RV conversion???

Monday, March 25, 2024

NEVER Thought We Would Be Homeless

We run into homeless folks all the time here in Holiday Florida...never thought we would be joining the ranks of being homeless.  But you know, it just takes one event in your life to turn the tables around.  Might be a fire.  Might be a Squatter problem.  Might be that you just can't afford the taxes, insurance and HOA fees.  Perhaps a United Airlines plane flew over and dropped an engine on your house.  In our case it is none of is . . .

After having our motorhome for ten years, driving 90K miles (give or take), it was time to make a move.  After talking to the representative we were dealing with to buy another motorhome, it became apparent that we were going to be lucky to get $5K for the Isata due to a list of items that needed to be repaired.  Areas of the paint needed attention.  The slide awning ripped on our recent trip home.  The fresh water tank sprung a leak sometime last summer.  A check engine light came on somewhere in Texas on our way home, although it did not affect the operation of the engine, although it has been using just a little more oil these past few years than it use to.  The Radio/GPS busted a couple of years ago.  The carpet needed to be replaced throughout.  And the generator has not worked for about four years.  I am sure there are other items, but that list alone makes it an "AUCTION" motorhome when you deal with an RV dealer.