Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bear River Casino for a ‘One-Night’ Stop

At Bear River Casino near Fortuna, California

Bear River Casino blacktop camping, near Fortuna, Ca

Last year we stayed at the Bear River Casino for two or three nights.  All it takes it a FREE Bear River Casino Club Card, and then registering at the valet office, which seems to double as an outside security patrol’s office too.  Since I had the card, it only took a few minutes, and they give you a paper to put up on your window.  We are parked in the same location we parked last year…only this year the entire parking lot is being repaved…and they did the upper area, where RVs and large Trucks are suppose to park, first.

Bear River Casino blacktop camping, near Fortuna, Ca

We were the third RV to arrive, now there are five…far fewer than the eleven we had last year, but it is only 8 pm, so there is still time.

Bear River Casino blacktop camping, near Fortuna, Ca

It has been very sunny up until 7 pm…I took this shot just after putting the solar away, back under the bed where we store it when it won’t be used for a long time.  I figure it will be there for a month or more.  Tomorrow we will be in the Ukiah Fairgrounds, $37 with electric, water, and if we are lucky, sewer…if not, then use of the dump station.  Friday we arrive in the Occidental area where my son Michael and wife to be Anna will be married on Saturday…we will be there through Monday night, and arrive back in Sacramento on Tuesday.

Highway 101 south of Crescent City   Highway 101 south of Crescent City

The 100 mile ride from Crescent City changed from sun to ocean mist over and over again.  Every view of the Ocean looked like….

Pacific Ocean along highway 101 south of Crescent City

…this…misty, clouds, fog combination.  The drive is full of 30 mph to 55 mph (65 if you are not towing), and there were three construction spots which required us to stop, although one started up just as we arrived.  Traffic was light to moderate, and surprising, only a handful of bicyclist today.  With all the ups, downs, turns…one had to stay alert, so it is not an easy drive, glad it was only 100 miles today. 

Trees at Bear River Casino near Fortuna

Tomorrow will be closer to 150 miles…right through some very tall Redwoods.  Won’t see very much of the ocean anymore, sure like the looks of these trees along the coast, sculptured by the Ocean winds.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Florence Keller County Park & Campground Again

At Florence Keller County Park & Campground, Crescent City, CA, USA

Florence Keller County Park & Campground, Crescent City, CA

It was very mixed emotions that we left Huntley Park east of Gold Beach today.  Had a very good and long talk with Sean, the Camp Manager, last night.  Told him how thankful we were to  be able to get an extra week there (I think he extended to us because I fed him lots of info on the fire from three weeks ago…it pays to be a librarian who knows how to find information)…they have a strict 2 week policy, and we are so thankful that we were able to stay the extra week.  Sean and Patty, his wife, are great people…they have done a lot to make Huntley a better park than it was before they arrived over six years ago.  Of course, if the Port of Gold Beach would support them with more money it would be better…nothing Sean told me, just a fact I picked up myself.  After all, they have three sites with electricity…the Manager site, the camp assistant host site, and one for the public…if they can do three sites, they can do more…but the port does not want to invest the $$$$$.   So during the winter, the park sits nearly empty…what a shame.  Put in 12 electric sites, and that would bring in up to $300 per week.  But without electricity, no one wants to boondock in weather which is around 60 degrees high, 40 degrees for the most part it sits empty.  What a shame!!!!

Florence Keller County Park & Campground, Crescent City, CA

We started getting ready to leave around 10 am…pulling out by 11.  Did not need to dump our tanks until we got to Brookings since we dumped the other day when someone nearly let the propane go to empty.  Sad smile  Thank goodness the Union 76 station in Gold Beach sells Propane, and since we were in town, we dumped our tanks.  While in Brookings, we filled the motorhome with gas at $3.05 per gallon, then we went across the street and disconnected the car, took it back to Fred Myer to get some gas ($3.15 per gallon,. only had a 10 cent discount left on our loyalty card)., and do some shopping, then went back to the motorhome, put stuff away, and took the motorhome over to the Valvoline Instant Oil Change across the other side of Fred Myer to get the oil changed in the motorhome ($55).   We then joined the car to the motorhome and headed to Crescent City, specifically Florence Keller County Park & Campground.  This is our fourth time in the park, twice last year and twice this year.  We did not get site B, our favorite, but we did get site 4 which allows us to park without disconnecting our car.

Florence Keller County Park & Campground, Crescent City, CA

Arriving around 3, I sat outside for awhile, Marcia took a nap, and we had our dinner (Steak and Salad…yum).  The park is more busy today than the last times we were here.  Nice park for $15 per night, and we are only going to be here for one night.  I already miss the solitude of Huntley Park, despite the family that arrive with a tent trailer at 10:15 last night, parked behind us, tried for an hour to put up the tent trailer, and eventually headed off to a motel room in Gold Beach.  They arrive back as we were pulling out…not sure if they ever got that tent trailer up, or if they gave up and drove off with it.  They are lucky we are not early to bed type of folks…  Tomorrow will be a Casino Parking Lot….