Thursday, January 27, 2022

New Kitchen on Order - Clearing it Out Getting Ready for it.


Our Condo was built in the 1980's.  The kitchen looks like something out of the '70's, other than the glass cook top which came out in the '80s.  ALL 90 units looks like this except for the colors...some have white doors, some have blue doors, some have the wood-grain look...

...ours is wood-grain below, yellow doors with wood-grain trim above.  Essentially, it is UGLY.  All Formica, all pressed board, it just needs to be replaced!  And, within a few more weeks, it will be replaced.  We have been working feverishly to clear out cabinets and either giving stuff to Salvation Army, tossing stuff out, and most it is being stored in the spare room.  Still have a bit more to do, then we have to wait until it is "D-Day" (destruction of old cabinets day).

We actually started the remodel procedure back in 2018 when we got our Fisher Paykel drawer dishwasher (yes, that is Skruffy in the picture).  In 2019 we looked into having the Formica replaced or painted over and getting new counter tops...but we just were not pleased in spending that amount and still having OLD cabinets.  We also wanted to have more cabinets in that there is a bare wall on one side in which a large storage cabinet was placed by one of our renters years ago, and a table along the rest of the wall.

Our contract includes some printed color pictures of our cabinet layout.  I know this does not copy over to the blog real good, but it gives you an idea of what we are doing.  All of the cabinets are white, the granite counter top is a "Shadow Storm" (example below...actual pattern will be determined by what is available)

There will be a 2" backsplash of granite, much like our current Formica has.

There will be a new double stainless steel sink with a Moen Kaden Single-handle Pull-down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet (below).

  The sprayer is all part of the faucet, keeping the look simple and clean.

One of the many good things is the angled top corner cabinets, giving us even more cabinet space to the right and left of the sink.  There is still a large dead area just to the left of the sink under the least we won't have dead space above like we currently have.  (Dead space defined as hard to reach anything back in the corner, which in turn means you don't use whatever is put there.)

To the right in this picture is the new cabinets and counter top in an area which has nothing.  In other condo units we have seen a few who have done this, some who have just put a counter in, and others who have left it blank.  The depth can only be 12", but it is better than nothing, it will look real good, and give us more counter space along with storage space.

Along the top everything will be enclosed.  The upper cabinets are taller, and the rest is filled in with crown molding...this is one of the few items that was a must for Marcia.  Anything put on top of the cabinets, like we currently have, is just "DUST COLLECTORS" she says, and after pulling everything down, I agree....Dust and Grease...a yucky mess.

We are also getting a Microwave to replace the older antique microwave which has a "dial" that you turn to select the minutes you want it to run.  Surprisingly, it still works...but it seems to take forever sometimes.

After our Spring-Summer-Fall travel, we will have the entire inside of the condo painted (maybe not the spare room), and Marcia wants the Kitchen walls to be a light grey...the color for the rest of the place will be decided then.  We also want to replace the Fridge, and the Oven/Stove.

Indy loves the new couch...she gets many more belly rubs than when we were both sitting in chairs.  When 'Mom' comes to sit down on the couch, she goes is not a place for mom to sit, just dad and Indy.  Well...she has a clearer look on that now.

Here Indy is sitting on my lap watching either Pick-a-Puppy or Lucky Dog.  She really loves these two Sunday morning shows on the DABL Channel.

As the morning wore down, she watched the shows from a neutral site on the floor.  We are trying to stop her from attacking the TV, we surely don't want her pulling it down on top of herself.  For the most part, she is doing well with this...and when she doesn't, we have a little talk about it.  She knows when we have talks that she is not doing yelling, no hitting, just a little talk.  She is such a good little girl...

Finally, just heard tonight that Marcia's Granddaughter Alicia had her second baby, a not so little baby boy.  Cyrus Renato came into this world yesterday, almost 8 pounds.  Mom and Dad do not like pictures of their kids put out on social media, so sorry, no pics, but he is a handsome little guy.  Mom and child are fine, and big sister is excited for a little brother (she is five, turning five just a few days ago).  We still have another Great-grand on the way in July, and my oldest son and wife are having a child in July too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Baby News, New Couch, Indy News

Can't have a picture of a baby that is not here yet, but sure glad to hear the announcement last Wednesday when my eldest son Michael called to inform me of the great news that Anna is pregnant...due in July, a girl.  This is added to Marcia's granddaughter from her oldest son who is having her first baby in July, and her granddaughter from her middle child who is having her second baby in just a few weeks from now, a boy this time.

A new addition to our Condo is this recliner couch from Ashley Home Furniture Outlet.  Went in on Wednesday to order it and it was delivered on Saturday.  Marcia normally sits at the dining table with her computer, but now she has the option to put it over on the couch and put her feet up.  No one was more excited about it all than Indy...she jumped all over it after the delivery guys left.

Here is a good picture of her watching one of her favorite Sunday morning shows, Pick-A-Puppy.  That show is followed up by Lucky Dog...she loves both of these shows.

The only thing she likes better than those TV shows is going to the Dog Park.  On Saturday she saw this little dog at the Dog Park that looks similar to her cousin Parker who is back in Sacramento.  She sure showed him a bunch of attention, but kept smelling him just to be sure it wasn't Parker.  Since it wasn't Parker, there was no humping involved.

We are in the early plans of getting new Kitchen Cabinets, Counter Tops, Sink, and Microwave.  If it all works out, it will be complete just before we leave in April for California.  More on this later...