Saturday, April 18, 2015

Normal Day…..OH, Blackhawk and Apache Helicopters Landed on Freeway

Military Helicopters land on I-40, “Jade Helm 15” exercise?

What is up with this????  Just having a nice Desert drive, and around mile marker 85 on I-40 suddenly there are TWO military helicopters between the eastbound and westbound lanes!  Thank goodness Marcia had the camera in her hand and we were able to get these two pictures of this very unusual event.  (remember to click for larger picture)

Military Helicopters land on I-40, “Jade Helm 15” exercise?

Both of these pictures have been cropped and lighting adjusted to account for the windshield.  But I have the originals…and there has been nothing on the Internet about it yet, nor the local news.  (We did see a small RV trailer flip being pulled by a car between Tehachapi and Bakersfield, and that was on tonight’s Bakersfield news.  It started a small brush fire, and I estimate we passed by about 3-4 minutes after it happened…no one hurt, RV demolished.  We did not even think about getting pictures since the chaos on the freeway was a bit hectic there at the moment.)

Antique car on I-40    Antique car on I-40

This car passed us twice, once before Barstow and once after.  Writing in the back window says “Power Tour”…I didn’t bother looking that up.


Skruffy was whining about the lack of grass again….

Barstow Rest Area 2012

…this picture above was taken during or 2012 trip at a rest area we visited between Needles and Barstow.
Barstow Rest Area 2015

This is just about the same outside shot as back in 2012…still no grass, but the palm trees are more full than back in 2012.

California Highway 58 scenery

The drive from Needles to Bakersfield is…well…a drive.  Had it not been for the helicopters and the crash/fire, it would have been totally uneventful.  Tomorrow we are headed for Loomis, above Citrus Heights, where we will camp one night before settling into the backyard of Sandy and Arnie’s for a month before we head up to Alaska.  

Military Helicopters headed for landing near Barstow

Note:  I ‘think’ the helicopters have been identified correctly….if not, me know.   We did see two helicopters coming in for a landing at Barstow near the Marine Corps Logistics Base.  They were so far away that we could not even tell if they were the same two, or even the same type as the other two.  Just a mystery that “someone” will probably find a conspiracy behind the helicopters which, most likely, one had problems and landed and the other joined them to try and get the matter fixed.  But who knows…perhaps they stopped some big drug runner, or captured an Martian walking along the road.   

Orange Grove RV Park

Tonight we are at the Orange Grove RV Park in east Bakersfield California.  With Good Sam discount, it came to $38, much more than we have been paying, but it did get us into the valley…no more hills or mountains to deal with. 

Bubba    Bubba

And someone (Bubba) just goes nuts whenever I mention Arnie’s name.  Here he is dancing to the right, then to the left.  I think there is going to be ONE HAPPY DOG tomorrow afternoon when he sees his Uncle Arnie again.


  1. Replies
    1. month to go and then the REAL adventure starts.....ALASKA!

  2. Don't forget to check out the Orange store right next door. They have the most amazing dates at the cheapest price anywhere. Always keep that camera on your lap, you never when that next good shot will jump out:)

    1. Did not have time...but I figured they would have good stuff there. Being raised in California I have seen many places like this. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Must have been a warning light for a real problem. Usually those "warning lights" only come on in exotic or fun places... don't ask how I know. ;c)

  4. I was in the aircraft had a mechanical issue had to land there just to clear it up so no conspiracies get started lol

    1. That's what I figured....just wish we were there when it landed, THAT would have been a good picture!


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