Thursday, April 9, 2015

Silver City to Prescott in Pictures

Plants and Flowers
Tufted Evening Primrose     Tufted Evening Primrose

Along the ground near our motorhome we awoke to the Tufted Evening Primrose in full bloom.  They were not there when we arrived, but the next morning they were showing their stuff.

Staghorn Cholla    Staghorn Cholla

Between the graveyard and the RV park we saw this Staghorn Cholla.  By-the-way, the graveyard has been in use since the 1870’s, and Billy the Kid’s mother is buried there.

Wild Flowers northwest of Silver City, NM     Wild Flowers northwest of Silver City, NM
Brush northwest of Silver City, NM
Trees northwest of Silver City, NM     Trees northwest of Silver City, NM
As we drove along NM 180 to the northwest, we saw many flowers and freshly green spring trees….not yet ruined from the harsh summer heat.

Mountains & Rocks

Skruffy looking out over mountains

New Mexico views above, Arizona below.

San Francisco Peaks from Meteor Crater RV Park     San Francisco Peaks
Rocks and Mountains South of Flagstaff near Sedona     Rocks and Mountains South of Flagstaff near Sedona

The Road

NM 180     NM 180
NM 180     NM 180
NM 180     NM 180

Sometimes it was smooth, much of it was bumpy…and lots of it was very pretty.

Vista Point sound of Flagstaff

Thank you for following our travels.  We are in the Prescott Valley Fairgrounds RV Park, Passport America price of $44.90 total for the three nights, but we did add Internet access to each of our computers for 3 days for another $7+ per computer…..but that will be less expensive than paying $15 per gig extra on our air card, which is nearly out of data. 


  1. Love the wildflowers! We had such a wonderful time in Prescott. Make sure you get over to Watson Lake and check out the Granite Dells!! Beautiful!

    1. Yes, I have been to Watson Lake before...real nice. Looks like we missed you by a week or so, perhaps another time....we head to Phoenix this weekend.


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