Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blowing Through Texas

Skruffy in Tree, Rest Area West of Fort Stockton, TX, 2012

Above is Skruffy in April 2012.  The wind was blowing so hard that day, as it does many days in Texas west of San Antonio.  Below is today, almost the same spot as three years ago.

Skruffy in Tree, Rest Area East of Fort Stockton, TX

A MUCH nicer day to be driving.  Traffic, outside of San Antonio, has been fairly light.  Three years ago I could hardly keep the big-rig on the road, this year it is not an issue.  Little Skruffy has no problem posing for my pictures, be it in a tree, on top of a car which is in a big redwood tree, or along a ledge wall in places like Yosemite or Glacier National Parks.   Let’s hope he isn’t snatched up by a big Grizzly while posing in Alaska!

West of San Antonio, East of Fort Stockton Texas     West of San Antonio, East of Fort Stockton Texas

This part of Texas is not all flat, but it does get a little bit, how would one say it politely…..well, it is Texas, so why be polite!  (Little bit of the Arkansas ‘fan’ in me since Arkansas and Texas were heated rivals when I first moved to Arkansas.)

Carl's Jr., Fort Stockton, TX

It is nice seeing a Carl’s Jr. again, this one attached to a Love’s truck stop.  Yep, that’s what we had for dinner.   For breakfast we enjoyed a nice meal at Cracker Barrel with Jim and Carol….should have taken my camera inside, but just didn’t think about it. Thanks for breakfast you two!  Next time we will try to stay longer, but after all, this is Texas, hard for an Arkansas boy to stay very long inside Texas country.

West of Fort Stockton, TX    West of Fort Stockton, TX

An approaching front made for a nice pre-sunset sky, out here just west of Fort Stockton.

Rest Area West of Fort Stockton, TX

So far we have a rest area to ourselves….but I doubt it will stay that way very long.  Today was our shortest travel day, and my leg is feeling much better.  Between Bio-Freeze and Salonpas spray, along with elevating it the best I can while I drive and especially when I am not driving…of course, tomorrow could be an entirely different story.

Skruffy and Bubba

That’s Bubba up on the driver’s chair waiting for Skruffy to finish her food.  This, even though we have two food bowls now, exactly the same.  After the picture I got him down and he took over this bowl and she sat there and waited.  Sometimes you just have to wonder what is going through their minds.

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