Tuesday, April 21, 2015

They're BACK….

Skruffy and Bubba

For the fourth consecutive year we have “camped” in Arnie and Sandy’s backyard for a month or more.  And every morning there is a ritual…Arnie and Sandy open up their drapes, when we see that (or in most cases, when we get up out of bed), we let he dogs out.  

Skruffy and Bubba being greated by Arnie

They QUICKLY do their business (well, Skruffy is busy, every morning Bubba acts like he has not released his bladder for a good day or more), they go to the door and jump and bark until someone opens up and lets them in.

Skruffy and Bubba getting morning treat from Arnie

A few seconds after entering the house, they come back outside, typically with Arnie, and get their morning treat.

Skruffy and Bubba getting morning treat from Arnie

And during all of this Arnie is saying, “Good morning, good morning, good morning!” (Along with our words of greeting, of happiness, of love….)

Skruffy wanting morning treat from dad

Then Bubba goes inside the house, and Skruffy comes back into the motorhome.  Today, she jumped right up on my recliner, got between my legs, and just stares at me.  Now, what do you think she wants?   She wants her morning treat from dad!  What a double dipper!!!
Note: see the heating pad on my left leg?  That is now my morning ritual to keep the leg limber.  I thought I would be real sore after yesterday’s move into the backyard and stuff, but it was only slightly sore, so things are getting better, that’s for sure.

Motorhome in backyard

In past years Arnie had an old Suburban and an old frame sitting between the motorhome and the shed.  Earlier this year he sold them…decided he would never get around to restoring it.  Sis has a big smile on her face….

Skruffy the great Squirrel Hunter

Of course, if we are at Sandy and Arnie’s house, that means that the great squirrel hunter is back. 


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