Friday, April 24, 2015

The Great Dove Hunter

Skruffy and Bubba

As mentioned previously, this is our fourth year that we have spent some time in my sister’s backyard….and each year I have talked about the Great Squirrel Hunters who strike out each year.  The first year, I even faked a few people out with a ‘Stuffed Toy Squirrel’ that the Great Squirrel Hunters had caught.  Well, I wish this one was a joke…but it is not.


I spent some time taking pictures of birds and squirrels yesterday.  I don’t think this is the one that was killed…it is bigger than the unfortunate Dove.  About 90 minutes later, while I am resting in the motorhome in my recliner, and I hear some barking going on outside in my ‘daydreams’…..I hear Arny come out through the sliding screen door, and then he says, “OH OH!  We have a dead Dove!”  I shoot through the door…well, shoot is not the appropriate words to describe my careful climb down…just as he covers the garbage can after disposing of the bird.   There are feathers here, there, and over there….

Bubba    Skruffy

So, have you guessed which of these cute little things is now known as the “Great Dove Hunter”?  I gave you a clue….it is the barker…yep, my little Skruffy girl.

BUT WAIT, everyone deserves a trail before being found guilty, aren’t they? 

Fact One:  Over the years, Doves have been swiftly killed and taken by Hawks.  Most of the time there are only feathers left, but they have found dead Doves under the tree too.

Fact Two:  I did think that I caught a fast moving bird earlier that day, but I did not get a look at it.  At the time, I figured it was a Hawk.

Fact Three:  Arny found said dog standing over the dead Dove.

Fact Four:  Arny and I pulled a dove feather from just under her mouth.

Verdict:  Skruffy likes to sit under the front of the motorhome to ‘watch’ things.  “IF” a Dove was hit by a Hawk and they both went to the ground, she would have bounced out from under the RV, around the tree’s trunk and there she would have scared off the Hawk and been left with the Dove.  Not having caught a bird or a squirrel before, she barked, she played with the Dove, even, perhaps, gave it a good bite or two.  This action would have spread the feathers in and around the tree.  And remember, Skruffy is not a quiet dog…she is a loud, barking dog.  I just can’t see her sneaking up on a Dove, or a Squirrel, or a Rat…each of which we have seen her chase, but never before getting close enough to catch.  However, “if” a Dove did not see her under that RV, and wandered too close, and turned its back….perhaps….but I just don’t think she has the patience to wait until it turns its back.

Was this Bird a witness?

So, were there any witnesses?

If there were any witnesses, no one seems to be talking.
Was this Bird a witness?  If so, it isn't talking.
This bird had to see it all, it was right there!

There is no doubt that some had a “birds eye view” of the incident.

There is no doubt that some had a perfect, un-obstructed view of it.
The Squirrel had a perfect view of it all.
These birds are gossiping about it all.

There is definitely a lot of talk about it.  “Hey, did you hear? … Did you see??”

“Seed, yes, I had a seed in my mouth … Oh, you mean did I see anything….nope, not me.”
This bird is just acting stupid.
These birds didn't see anything.

“I had my back to it all..”
“I had my head inside a hole…”

“I flew in and out so fast that all I had time for was a quick drink.”
This bird is just too fast to see anything.
This bird sure has its opinion as to what happened.

“I saw it all…but I’m not talking…all I know, you are not going to catch me getting on the ground until that DOG is gone from this backyard!”

Skruffy says, "Me, you think I did what?"

“You think I did WHAT?   Who, ME????   See how short these legs are, they can’t catch anything!  Every time I run my belly tickles from the grass hitting it!!   And what’s this about a feather near my mouth????  Heck, I was just sniffing the grass and there it was, some dumb ole bird….Hey, I’m not the only dog in this backyard!”

Bubba just doesn't think it could have happened.

“She said she left me a ‘fresh one’ around here somewhere…..Oh that Skruffy, I just don’t know when to trust what she says.”


  1. What a great hunter!!!! I bet she was sorely disappointed when her prize went in the garbage can!!!

    1. She seemed to take it in stride...not sure she knew what to do with it to be honest. I looked at the bird later and there was no flesh showing, perhaps another 5 minutes or so and things might have been different.

  2. Your pups are chasing birds...ours are chasing lizards!

    1. No lizards here...they get their fill of lizard chasing in Florida though.

  3. LOL, great post. Did the judge rule "guilty" or "innocent due to circumstantial evidence with no witnesses"?

    1. The reader must judge for themselves...of course, those who vote guilty 'might' be banned from the blog. lol

  4. Cute story. I can't feel too bad about a dove. Now if it had been an ivory billed pileated woodpecker I'd have to go with a long prison term.

    1. Yes, there would have been an official inquiry into that if it had been an Ivory Billed.....I lived in Arkansas when they thought they had seen an Ivory Billed...I even got the Ivory Billed License Plate (which I should have never tossed in the trash when I sold the truck).


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