Friday, April 17, 2015

Dog Park, Rest, Dinner....Last Day in Needles California

Spikes Desert Dog Park    1b

Yesterday as I was looking for the non-existent grocery store in Needles, I ran across Spike’s Desert Dog Park.  So this morning, before it got too hot, I took Skruffy and Bubba to the park.

Spikes Desert Dog Park - Skruffy    Spikes Desert Dog Park - Bubba

They were quickly met by this little guy, a one year, un-neutered male who just would not leave little Skruffy alone.

Spikes Desert Dog Park

I brought her up onto the table top, and he just followed her right up there.

Spikes Desert Dog Park    Spikes Desert Dog Park

Even Bubba was being bugged by this little guy, despite the fact that one of his friends, Crystal, arrived.  We hung around for a half hour or so…it was not as good of a dog park day as it could have been, but they had the freedom to run a bit, and for Skruffy, to sit on the table and bark at everything.


Around 1:30 I decided to lay down and take a nap….something I don’t do very often…lay down for a nap that is.  Normally I will just nap in the recliner, shorter naps that way.  A couple of hours later, I gingerly got up, put the heating pad on my leg, and ten minutes later I was doing well.  Doesn’t take much for the leg to stiffen up, especially with the A/C on.  But the leg I back to 85% now, doing much better.

Wagon Wheel Restaurant

Around 5 pm we head over to the Wagon Wheel.  What I see is this (above) while Marcia sees that (below…..a CUBS fan)

Cub Fan at Wagon Wheel Restaurant

As we walk in she talks to the waitress to inquire about the car, but they don’t know who owns it.  I whisper to her that it is the two ladies that were sitting close to us.

Cub Fan is also a Route 66 Fan

Not only was it a cub’s fan, but also a Route 66 fan.  I noticed one of the ladies had a bunch of memorabilia pins stuck in her hat….figured that two plus two equaled four, and I was right. 

Wagon Wheel Restaurant    Wagon Wheel Restaurant

This guy greats you at the door, while this chair for two comes with the warning, “What Happens Here will be posted on Facebook”.

Wagon Wheel Restaurant    Wagon Wheel Restaurant
Wagon Wheel Restaurant    Wagon Wheel Restaurant

The restaurant is dressed up to the “T” with cowboy stuff, route 66 stuff, and just plan “stuff”.

Wagon Wheel Restaurant

And if you like “STUFF”, you will find it in the gift store.  We found the people to be real nice, very attentive.  The food was good…not great, not bad.  Worth the stop once, but I think if there was a next time, we would try another place just to give them a try.  This was the off season, but you have to watch for “special weekends”, such as Harley Weekend next week.   Tomorrow we have our eye on the town of Mojave for a night…an easy 215 mile day.


  1. Keep your eye on the dog flu. Hope it doesn't come cross country. Safe journey to Mojave:)

    1. Saw that....another reason to head north to Alaska! :)


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