Friday, April 10, 2015

Jerome Arizona, and Doggies visit Dog Park

Jerome Arizona (picture from Wikipedia)

Jerome Arizona is literally built on a mountain side.  I have visited Jerome three or four times now, and I am always amazed at how they cope with the crowds, the narrow streets, the steepness of the roads.  There are portions of San Francisco that are on hillsides….but this is an old mining town, and it has all the mystic one would think an old mining town would have.

Jerome Arizona   Jerome Arizona

The first mining claims were filed in 1870’s, by 1890 there were 250 people living in the community, by 1900 this had grown to over 2,500 people.  The population topped out at around 5,000 people.  Today the population is under 500, but on some days it seems that there are 2,500 people within the area due to the high tourist count.

Jerome Arizona

In 1967 Jerome became a National Historic Landmark.  With the virtual end of mining, their focus turned to art, food, wine, and concerts.  A state park is devoted to the mining industry.

Jerome Arizona

Marcia was not feeling the best today and decided to stay in the motorhome, so I took Skruffy with me so that she would not disturb her rest with her barking at outside sounds.  Just as I got into Jerome, which is 20 miles from the motorhome but a good 45 minute drive, I realized that I had left the SD Card in the computer from yesterday’s post… I had limited room on the camera itself.

Drive to Jerome Arizona

Part of the fun of going to Jerome is getting to Jerome.  For us, it was over this mountain on roads with 30 mph limits, and many turns which have 15 mph limits posted.  Of course, as locals see the Florida plates I can feel their anger as they drive as close as they can to move the “foreigner” along.  If they only knew the type of roads I have driven in my lifetime…and I have to fight the urge to floor it while going around the corners to bring distance between us…but for the most part I did pretty good.  Devil    

Drive to Jerome Arizona

There are a few places you can pull over to get some pictures, but for the most part you need someone with you, or be a quick cameraman, to get some while you drive.
Drive to Jerome Arizona

Yes, that is the general Sedona area in the far distance. Also, the first shot on this post is from the public domain through Wikipedia…although I cropped it and downsized it some, but it is still a big picture and if you click on it, it will give you an idea of the mountainside the town is built on.

Drive to Jerome Arizona

I couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and taking this shot.  Pulling a trailer, driving a motorhome up and through Jerome is not recommended, although 50’ is the official limit (saw another sign that said 40’, so it is one or the other).  I just wouldn’t recommend it….take the long route and save not only your nerves, but the long line of very mad motorist behind you because there are few turnouts for you to allow people to pass.

Dog Park Prescott Valley (Skruffy)   Dog Park Prescott Valley (Bubba)

Earlier in the day I took the pups over to a doggie park.  They have a brand new dog park that all the reviews just rant and rave about….but this was closer, and it was very good despite the lack of grass.

Dog Park Prescott Valley (Skruffy)

For much of our visit Skruffy and Bubba had the small section to themselves.  There were smaller dogs in the big dog area, but they were with big brothers or sisters who would protect them.  However, Skruffy let them know she was there the only way she knows how to….with that constant bark.

Dog Park Prescott Valley (Skruffy & Bubba)

Finally a little friend arrived, and now the three of them were giving the “enemy” the good look over.  Eventually a very large dog arrived and all the dogs on both sides of the fence ran back and forth barking and barking.  Skruffy had a hard time keeping up with those short little legs of hers.

Dog Park Prescott Valley (Skruffy & Bubba)

But Bubba, who lives in his own little world, quickly got tired of the other dogs and keep going around the park smelling and watering the grass…err….dirt.  They sure enjoyed their visit!

Sonic Drive-in Drink   Papa Murphy's Pizza

Of course, I had to give myself a little treat too…..the nearest Sonic to our Condo is nearly 30 minutes away, and the Papa Murphy’s, which was also 30 minutes away, closed, so I had not had Papa Murphy’s for months!   Well, I got my Raspberry Ice Tea, and I got a Papa Murphy’s vegetable delight pizza which we cooked for an early lunch and the other half will be for dinner.  Sure makes for a good day.  Winking smile


  1. My all time favorite town ... Jerome. Best bread pudding in the U.S. at the Mile High Grill!!!

    1. I thought about you when I was there because I remember your visit earlier this year. I felt so bad when I had left my SD card back in my computer that I just did a drive through...hard to find parking as it is, and to walk a yapping dog around with a useless camera just wasn't going to be fun. But it is wonderful just to see it again.


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