Friday, April 3, 2015

Near San Antonio, Shredded Tire Follow-up

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

After I-12 re-joins I-10 in Baton Rouge, we quickly find ourselves on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge.  I look at this long stretch of road and wonder, “What if the tire had blown here?”

Calcasieu River Bridge

At Lake Charles we cross over the Calcasieu River Bridge.  Again, I wonder, “What if the tire had blown here?”

Tire Sensor

For many months I have been contemplating the purchase of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System like the one above from Amazon.  I have had this in my cart as a “might buy later” item…the price has held firm for months.  But this system looks like it would work well with us…the motorhome has six tires, the HHR has four.   Looks like it might be a purchase once we get to Sacramento.
Forgot to mention yesterday that when I pulled off the shredded tire, I see this metal wire hanging down from the wheel well… was a part of a standard clothes hanger!  Guy at Walmart felt that it was picked up by the tire on the road, worked into the tire and BAM!  The “bam” probably blew it right into the wheel well.

San Antonio Map

We are at a rest area just shy of San Antonio, where we are meeting Jim and Carol at a Cracker Barrel in the morning.  Our only difficulties today were the hard roads in a portion of Louisiana and a small part of Texas, and the Houston Traffic at 3 pm…..which was better than a few rush hour trips we have made in the past.  After breakfast, we hope to get to the west side of Texas, and into a RV park hopefully on Sunday, no later than Monday.  With all the bending and kneeling I did yesterday, I woke up to a stiff left knee again much like I had last year after planting my mom’s garden….but not as bad.  Hoping the knee will be better in a few days.

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