Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Mexico Highway 180, Nice Sites, Nice Bumps, and the Wind….

No pictures today due to slow Internet Connection at Meteor Crater RV Park between Winslow and Flagstaff Arizona.  Our air-card is down to 3 gigs left for seven more days, and we are trying to save them so we don’t have to buy more.

We left Silver City around 9:30 New Mexico time, and arrived here at Meteor Crater at 4:30 Arizona time (they don’t do the Day Light Savings here).  It was a beautiful drive through New Mexico, although a bit bumpy at times.  We have a bunch of pictures which I will try and post later. 

The drive through Arizona was very rough at times until we reached Petrified Forest National Park area.   And the scenery went down hill real quick once we hit Arizona too.  But the wind, which was tolerable in New Mexico, was very hard driving through Arizona where gusts hit around 50 mph, and it was a steady 35-40 most of the time.

Tomorrow we are going to skip the Grand Canyon and go to Prescott Valley so that we can do laundry, visit my friend Roger, and do a day trip to Sedona and Jerome.  Then we head over to Phoenix area where we plan to stay at Cave Creek.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you John, it is nice to be back again, though for a short visit

  2. Glad you made it with those gusts. We came back from Arizona and stopped for a day when the wind gusts were predicted at 40mph. Just too hard on the driver. We drove through the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. Had not done that for over 40 years. Hope your journey is wind free from now on!

    1. It was the second windiest travel day we have ever faced. Our lower profile Class C did real well with it, but it is harder to drive since you have to be alert every second. Only had one gust that moved me close to the white line, although few large trucks passing us did that to us to, at least you expect it as they pass.


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