Monday, April 30, 2012

Yosemite Pines RV Park

After a wonderful week with family, Marcia and I drove up to Yosemite Pines RV Park today (Monday) so that we are within a short drive to Yosemite, which we will visit Tuesday-Thursday before we head back on Friday to the Sacramento area.

Bubba is doing better, still not fully healed.  Skruffy and Bubba had a "BALL" in Sandy and Arny's backyard.  They were, what we quickly called, on "Squirrel Watch" all day long.  Of course, here are some pictures....

And, of course, there is the attack (above).  Neither dog could come anywhere near where the Squirrels were, but both tried...even Bubba with his hurt leg.  Below is a picture of Bubba favoring his back left leg as he stalks a squirrel on the fence (squirrel is not in the picture)
Overall, Bubba is not whimpering, he walks on it, although gingerly, he does stand up on his two back legs with his front legs on the tree, and he does run using all four legs, and also by hopping on three.  

My mom was so worried about Bubba, it led her to drinking!

Well...not really....she was just holding Arny's beer while he tended to the deep fried turkey, grilled corn on the cob and grilled Sweet Asian Yams.  Add Marcia's Oriental Broccoli Salad, and, for those who did not take off early, a great lemon pie from Marie Calendars.  Below is Arny with his prized fried turkey that he made just for Marcia, who had never had one before.

Before the big BBQ on Sunday, Marcia and I had breakfast with my parents, Sandy, Arny and Patti, and then Marcia and I went to Church at Calvary Chapel Roseville.  

That led up to today.  We left my sister's house around 10:15.  We arrived at Mantica Walmart around 11:30, but the parking lot was too full and we parked across the street and went to Safeway instead.  It was the perfect time to try out Marcia's new GoGo Scooter.  I got it out of the back of the HHR, she came down the lift and sat right into the scooter.  She put it in gear, and off she went with me running after her.  Safeway was nice enough to let us take their shopping cart across the street to the motor home, and I was nice enough to return it after we were done.

We filled up with Diesel and also propane at the Flying J in Ripon, and then we headed up California 120.  CA 120 is a good road, until one has to climb a few thousand feet....then it was slow and steady.  Marcia took a few pictures along the way.

Sometimes I think she had her eyes was a long drop down on her side...  I was happy with how the motor home took the winding third gear (3 out of 6) for much of it, but it climbed and climbed, and the temps in the engine and transmission were just fine.  I did get a bit close to one side for one turn and the HHR did hit the curb there for a second, but other than that, I had it under control.

And then, following the GPS, we went right into a, well, might have been a dead end, not sure, but we had to turn around.  I had to unhook the HHR, and Marcia drove it the final 3 miles or so.  First time she drove since her surgery, and she did great.  We got into our camp ground, and we just love it.

Can't wait until tomorrow.....and to the family and friends....sorry, no cell service, but we do have WiFi and Cable and peace and quiet and a lovely view.  Below, the view out our window....

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