Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hair Cut

Nearly 17 years ago my mom was diagnosed with Stage II, Low Grade Lymphoma.  She went through treatments, and yes, she did lose her hair.  She has been cancer free (other than skin cancers) for about 14 years.

Nearly five years ago I started growing my hair out so that she could cut it and I can send it off to an organization which would use it in a wig for some other person who is fighting the same thing.  I did not tell her that this was why I was growing it out.  On Christmas 2009 I finally told mom and dad, and mom cut my first "pony tail" off the next day.  I asked her if she would like me to do it again, and she said yes.

Well the plan was for Christmas 2011, but mom and dad moved from the Kansas City area (8 hour drive from Pine Bluff) to Sacramento area (like a 35 hour drive).  So we changed the plan to her 82nd birthday, which was yesterday, Wednesday.

This time other family members were able to be there.  For one, Marcia, because I did not even know her back in 2009.  My son Michael, who lives in San Francisco, and my sisters, Patti and Sandy and brother-in-law, Arny.  And, of course, Skruffy and Bubba (the latter is going to the vet Thursday morning, still limping and hopping.)

So as we awaited for the big birthday was eager to get into action.  
 Above is the before picture, my arm is around my sister Sandy
 There it goes....
 Look at that smile on mom's face!  That is my son in the background.
Happy birthday mom...and no, I won't be growing it that long again!  And no, you cannot give me one of the "butch cuts" that you use to give us as kids either.

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