Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Longtime Friends

Today Marcia was able to see and visit with a very long-time friend named Joyce, whom I had met via Skype, and finally was able to met her in person.  Joyce lost her husband Parker about a year ago, and with the full help of her daughter Laurie, she sold the large house, moved into a nice townhouse near where Laurie lives (like 2 minutes away), and has really taken her life back.  Parker suffered from dementia for well over a year, and it was hard on all of the family.  Laurie took charge and took care of dad, mom, worked full-time, and devoted her life to the cause for the past 2-3 years.  Frankly, she was taking care of mom and dad even before his dementia started.  She is, as Marcia says, a true "Saint".  Joyce does not know what she would have done without the help of her daughter.

After going over to Joyce's house we went to a late breakfast, and Laurie showed up unannounced with a BIG HUGE "Marcia" as she walked in the door.  After breakfast I had to find a Camping World to get the cover for the refrigerator vent which flew off in Texas.  Of course, Joyce wanted to see the motor home, and we happily gave her a tour before I dropped Marcia and her back off at Joyce's house.  I found a nice, brand new Camping World in Avondale.  This cover fits many different types of refrigerators, and I will install it on Wednesday or Thursday.  

That evening we all went out to dinner and had a wonderful visit and good dinner.  I was so impressed at the love and dedication that Laurie has for her parents, for her work, and I appreciate the love she also has for Marcia.  It was so very nice to finally meet Joyce, and she is doing so much better now than she was a year ago.  I hate these short visits, and next time we will have to stay much longer.  

The dogs did very well staying in the motor home while we were gone.  Of course we saw them when we gave Joyce the tour.  I did drop back by after getting the vent from Camping World.  The longest "home alone" was the 5 hours from there until we got back from dinner.  They did fine, and both showed lots of appreciation when we arrived back after dinner. 

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