Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sequoia National Park, and Tree Identified

Much like yesterday, we had a leisurely morning, and left for Sequoia around 10 am.  This time we decided to get a picture of the "tree" which yesterday we were told it was a Blue Oak.  But on the way up we did see some Blue Oaks, but this was not the tree with white had lighter bark, so the ranger was wrong.  We did see some of the trees that have the white trunk, and here are a few pictures...not as big of trees like we saw yesterday along the "back roads route", but they are the same type of tree.
 Here you can see how this tree looks dead, while everything else is green, it is still barren.
 This group, below, were just starting to get some leaves along the top.
Today we stopped at a different Visitor's Center, and the lady who worked there, not in the typical "Ranger" uniform, went over to the book shelf, found a book on trees, and compared it to the picture I showed her on the camera.  It is a California Sycamore, she said, they are common along the divide between the foothills and the mountains.  Ok, mystery solved.

Today our first attraction was the General Sherman Tree.  The General Sherman is the largest tree by volume than any other know tree in the world.  It is estimated to be over 2,200 years old.  That would put it before the birth of Jesus!  And it is still growing each year!!  
It is hard to tell in the picture above, but there are people at the base of the tree.  Below is a close up look at that, the picture is a bit grainy....but it shows you how large this tree is.
Then we went to up toward "Moro Rock".  Moro Rock is a large granite dome formed by exfoliation. There is a stairway built into Moro Rock, only 700+ steps.  Stairs go 3,500 feet up the domed rock.  Well, those who know me know that I don't do airplanes, and I don't do rocks with 700+ steps.  Here is a picture of Moro taken from way down near the entrance to Sequoia Park.
On the drive to where one who is brave enough, and in good enough shape, would climb these stairs, we came across a tree which was blocking the road.  Some nice person cut a large hole in it to allow people to drive through and under, but I was not sure if we could make it....
So I put Skruffy up there and told her to bark real loud if we were going to hit....That little girl is such a trooper!

And when we got close to where one would hike and climb up Moro, I got this shot, right after Marcia said, "Are you sure you don't want to go up it honey?"
Yes honey, I am sure.... Here is a picture of the stairs I found after we got back to the motor home off the Internet just to show it....hmm....looks like red blood along the hand rails, must have been from some other unlucky chap who was forced to go up it ....
So wrapped up another day of wonderful sights....
Great fragrances....
And high adventure (Skruffy on top of car as we were going through the tree)....
Tomorrow is going to be a day of rest, then off to Sacramento on Monday.

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