Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Our Way on Thursday

Just a short note to say, "WE ARE ON OUR WAY!"

Thursday morning Marcia has her last OT.  We will need to do a few things, such as filling up with water, loading our clothing into the motor home that we had brought into the house, nothing real big.

In the past week I gave the house on wheels a quick bath, along with the HHR, put in the toilet seat, installed the toilet seat hand rails, installed a flat screen TV in the front, moved the TV converter to the back so that the TVs don't have to be on the same channel anymore, re-packed most of the basement storage areas, and I am sure there were other things too, but that just about covers it.

Yesterday we had lunch at our favorite restaurant so that we could have some chicken spinach feta burgers, and we purchased a box of frozen burgers to bring along with us....can't wait to share these burgers with family in Sacramento!

Will post when we stop Thursday night, and I plan to take a few pictures of the RV improvements to share.  See some of you soon....we hit the road in about 12 hours.  

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