Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sacramento, Bubba, and Refrigerator Cover

On Sunday we drove down to Visalia and went to church at Calvary Chapel of Visalia.  In Palm Harbor we attend the Calvary Chapel of Palm Harbor, and enjoy the teaching directly from the Bible, known as expository bible teaching.....going through the entire bible verse by verse.  Here is a picture of Calvary Chapel of Visalia.
Later on Sunday we did a few house keeping chores with the motor home, and had a relaxing day.  The RV Park we were at is nothing great, but it was quiet, provided us the electricity (30 amp), water and sewer we needed, and was a great location for visiting the parks.  It was not far from the river, which you could barely hear at times, and we had a nice shady place to park.  Doubt we will be back in the area again, but would stay here again if we were.

Monday we left around 8:45 am for Sacramento.  We stopped for lunch at a Rest Area in Turlock along highway 99, and arrived in South Sacramento around 2:15, just at the time I wanted so that we would have less traffic.  Highway 99 is as bumpy as ever in places, just like I remembered it.  I have driven between Sacramento and Turlock so many times that I have lost count...definitely in the many hundreds of times.  But that was nearly 40 years ago, and things are much different now.  It is nearly homes and businesses all the way to Sacramento.  

We arrived at my Sister's house in the Citrus Heights/Roseville area by 3:00.  The motor home just fit into the new RV pad my brother-in-law had installed a month or so ago.  We will have water, and 20 amp electric service, so we will be set to go until we head off to Yosemite in a week.
Above is a view from the street and along the wall to the left, while below is a view from their patio.
Skruffy and Bubba started to enjoy the large back yard full of grass, birds and squirrels.   It did not take long and we heard Bubba yelp....and he started limping.  Our first thought was that he stepped on a bee and got stung.  Tuesday he seemed to be walking and even running on it better, but then the progress stopped.  He sure is favoring that leg, but we are going to give it another day or two to see how it goes.  He must have twisted it or something.  He is not whimpering or whining except when we try to touch it, and even then he does not complain much.  We hope it is nothing serious.  He is such a good dog, about 8 years old, has seizures from time to time, and we just hate that he is having more problems.

On Tuesday, with rain headed to the area for Wednesday and Thursday, I finally got up on the roof to put the refrigerator cover on.  But the news was not the best...when the old one blew off it took the back portion of the bracket where the cover screws down off with it.
Above is the vent without a cover, and below you can see the damage to the bottom part where the screw holes are missing.  Looks like when the cover decided to go, it took the back part right off with it.
Fortunately for us my brother-in-law is an expert car body repair man.  He has a machine in his garage which can bend and mold metal, and he is going to manufacture a metal brace to attach to the vent frame for the back of the cover to mount onto.  For now, as the picture below shows, it is mounted with just the front two screws, which is good enough to keep the rain which is coming from getting into the vent and running down the back and sides of the refrigerator.
So far we have seen most of the family in the area.  On Wednesday my mom turns 82, and we are having a BBQ for her birthday.  She also gets to cut my ponytail off for the second time, last time it was Christmas, 2009.  Will tell the story and show some pictures in my next posting.  For now, keep your good doggie thoughts on Bubba...he needs them.

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