Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the Road for Seven Months

Today we got away from Palm Harbor around 1:00 p.m.  It took many trips between the house and the motor home to get everything in, but all went well.  The OT came by at 9:00, and spent about an hour with Marcia in the motor home talking about how to live in the motor home.  We both liked both of the therapist, and they both helped Marcia a lot.

Last night's post, which I just found out did not post until this evening due to a glitch on my part, talked about some of the upgrades, but did not provide pictures.  Here are a few pictures.

The toilet insert with arm assist to make it easier to stand up

The Shower Seat

 Computer Desk which we put in months ago, but never took pictures of until today.  It easily folds down and lays on the floor as we travel.  The chair is used there and at the kitchen table.

The flat screen TV is attached in the corner over the driver
 The power cord and antenna line run behind the speaker and come out in the Cabinet directly over the driver where there is a power plug and antenna connection.
The TV mounting bracket is screwed into the wood right at the corner.  The TV can swing out, swivel, and is very secure and out of the way.  
 Meet Bubba (left) as he and Skruffy search for their first of many relief stops
Bubba decided to make a "new home" out of the cabinet that the old TV came out of.  Skruffy tried it, did not like it, liked Marcia's lap better.  Bubba is not a lap dog, and he seemed to enjoy "his" new bedroom.

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