Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Ready

I got to Palm Harbor on Tuesday night, and for the next two days I did not check e-mail, barely used a computer, and started getting things ready for the long trip.  Marcia got out of re-hab on Tuesday about 10 hours before I got home.  It was nice to be back together...we hope we don't have to go through this again.

Wednesday the home-health nurse came by, and on Thursday the occupational (ot) and the physical (pt) therapists came by.  All three medical professionals were so nice and supportive.  The OT went up on the motor home and we decided that we could get a small bench seat to put into shower, and we had to get the toilet up another 3-4".  

Wednesday we went to our favorite local restaurant, "The Marathon"  on Nebraska and Highway 19.  They serve as one of their specials a few days per week a Feta Spinach Chicken Burger that is so good....and they were serving it on Wednesday.  For the most part we stayed home and enjoyed each others company, and I rested up.

On Thursday, after the OT and the PT visited, Marcia got her hair cut, and we had lunch at another one of our favorite local restaurants, Nana's Restaurant, on East Klosterman Road in Tarpon Springs.  They serve what they call a San Juan Breakfast Bowl that I really like.  It is spicy grilled chicken with sauteed onions, black beans, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs served over home fries and topped with bacon.  I think I get that every time we eat there.  They are open 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily.  Here is a link to their menu.

We then went over to a local medical store to get a raised toilet seat, a tray for her walker, and bench for the shower in the motor home.  The first toilet seat, which had hand rails attached to it, was just a little too big for the RV toilet.  I went back and found a Rehosoft raised toilet seat that was a perfect fit for our thetford aqua magic galaxy starlite in our motor home.  It fit right over the toilet with the both the lid and the seat in the raised position, and the toilet now sits at 19" high.  From Amazon we ordered some toilet safety rails.  All of this will help Marcia as she continues to recover from the Hip Surgery.

Today we went to see the doctor who assisted with the surgery for the 6 week check up.  He told us that she is recovering very well, that there are going to be a few things that she will need to be careful with from now on, but essentially the six week "watch what you do", "don't bend past the 90 degree level" time period will be over as of Tuesday.  She feels much better after talking to the doctor after hearing all the various misinformation that some of the PT's had told her while in rehab. 

We are not positive the exact day we are taking off, but probably no later than Friday of next week.  This will give us 11 days to get out to California, which should give us very quick visits with friends and family in Texas and Arizona on our way to Sacramento.   Now I have to give the motor home and the HHR each a good outside cleaning, and I am going to get a flat screen TV for the front of the motor home, and install the toilet safety rails when they come in. 

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