Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Rivers, California

Today we arrived at Three Rivers California and are staying at the Three Rivers Hideaway RV Park.  We are staying through Sunday, and it was only $112 total, so that is just a little over $27 per day, not too bad.  The town's name comes from its location near the junction of the North, Middle, and South Forks of the Kaweah River.

When we left Phoenix Wednesday, we went to Prescott Arizona to see a friend of mine named Roger.  Roger is the Assistant Director at the Prescott Public Library, and he and I started work at Pine Bluff the same day back in January 1991.  He became the new Reference Librarian, and I became the new Extension Outreach Librarian.  Roger left around June, 1993, and moved to Fort Smith Arkansas to be the Reference Librarian there.  After working there for about 10 years, he moved to Prescott.  Of course, I stayed in Pine Bluff, and became the Director in August 1993.  We have stayed in contact all these years, and due to his move to Fort Smith, I became friends with others in Fort Smith with whom I still keep in contact with too.  If they are reading this, they know who they are, and I give them a big Dave hug....

We left Prescott around 2 pm, and we made it to a rest area in California just shy of Barstow, California.  It was smack in the desert, the Mojave Desert.  Been through it before, never stayed over night in it.  But it turned out that we had a great spot in the Rest Area, fairly quiet, and the only complaints came from Skruffy and Bubba......"Who stole the #*%*@&* grass?"
Yep kids, there is no grass out there in the desert....ain't much of anything to tell you the truth. (And please watch your language, we have a mixed crowd of people out here reading this.)

Thursday we hit the road fairly early, and we soon came upon the
Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California.  They have an "airplane graveyard" where they store decommissioned airplanes to steal parts off of them and put on working airplanes.  This picture does not due it justice, but it does show some of the airplanes, and the many wind generators up on the mountain behind it, and in the air was strange looking airplane which just happened to fly over as I took the picture.

Eventually we got to the part of California that I remembered....
 Orchards along side the road, and smog hiding the mountains in the distance.
Oh yeah!  And some of the best scenery around!  Looking forward to our visits to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.  Above is a picture of Lake Keweah, and in the distance, hidden by the haze, is where we are headed to see some BIG TREES!  (Bubba can't wait...too bad he doesn't know how to lift his leg....)  

Lake Keweah is fed by the Keweah River after the three forks combine into one river just below the town of Three Rivers.  It is not really a lake, but a reservoir used to store water for people, farms, and flood control.  But is sure is a lovely lake anway.

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