Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Windy Travel Day

Today we traveled from just outside of San Antonio, Texas to Las Cruces, New Mexico.  For the first hour it looked like we might have some massive rain to go with the wind, but again it was only a light sporadic rain.  Here is what it looked like after we broke through the storm front.
 For the next 400 plus miles we fought the wind again.  At times, it was as bad, perhaps worse, than yesterday.  At one rest stop, I put poor little Skruffy up in a tree and took these pictures, which show how hard the wind was blowing her hair back.

Just before 6 pm, we arrive in Las Cruces, and the GPS took us right to the park...OPPS!  Didn't even have us on the right street!  I called the park and a nice guy stayed on the phone with me and led me right to the place.

This is the first RV park we have stayed in outside of the RV park that I had lived in for 6 years in Pine Bluff.  It is called Sunny Aces RV Park and for $35 with AARP discount, we get 50 amp electricity, water, sewer hookup, free wifi, and cable TV (if we had the cable to reach the RV with, which we don't....yet.)  The staff member we met was very nice, and the people in the park seem real nice too...and there are many dogs here, so Skruffy and Bubba are happy too.

After a good dinner with Marcia, we did a bit of "motor home house cleaning" and a load of laundry in our washer-dryer. This is a Splendide 2000, and it is a washer and a dryer (link is for a slightly newer version of the 2000 than ours, but it basically is the same).  It take longer to dry because it uses 110V power instead of the standard 220V of the standard home electric dryer.  This load you see in the picture below was for three of my shirts, and two pair of short pants.  I probably could have added some socks, but I have a lot of socks.  So one has to watch how much they wash, but it beats going to the laundry mat.
Tomorrow we are off to Phoenix where we will stay for a couple of nights.  We plan to be in Sacramento for my mom's birthday, which is one the 25th, and we would like to get there by the 23rd if we can.

Oh, and why did I not put Bubba up on the tree too?  Well, Bubba would have probably jumped off and ran...he is a runner, and it is no fun trying to catch up with him because he is very elusive until he gets his fill of being free.

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