Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visits with Friends and Family

We drove into north-east Houston and parked the motor home at a Pilot Truck Stop, where our friends Derick and Peggy met us.  They took us out for breakfast, and we had a wonderful, yet short, visit with them.  Derick is who we call "Tex".  He plays Evony, (and keeps trying to suck Marcia into playing again) and he helped us pick out our motor home back in November.  Marcia and he talk from time to time over the past few years, and have become good friends.  We enjoyed another visit with them, and thank them for meeting us and taking us to breakfast.

Around 11:30 we headed out of Houston headed for San Antonio.  Hit some construction inside Houston which delayed us about 15 minutes, and we had very high winds (gusts of 45 mph) from Houston to San Antonio.  It was a "hard drive", which to me means that driving for an hour is equal to 2-3 hours of normal driving in the physical effect it has on me.

We pulled into my brother Jim's driveway around 4:30 in San Antonio.  Make that "squeezed" into, with the help of his wife Carol, who directed me.  I should have taken a picture of it, but I missed that one. They provided a wonder dinner, great family fellowship, and it was a very warm welcome for Marcia, whom they had not met yet. 

We filled up our fresh water tank, which was running low.  I noticed that the wind had blown off the top of the cover for the refrigerator vent, which we will now need to find a replacement for.  Due to the wind, I dared not get up on the roof, but will check it out on Sunday, and provide some pictures of that.  Bubba and Skruffy stayed in the motor home, but they did get out so that Skruffy could leave a nice present for Jim on the lawn.  (Don't worry Jim, I picked it up!)

Around 8:00 pm we headed out and landed at a Rest Area near Kerrville, Texas.  We wished we could have stayed longer in both Houston and in San Antonio....and promised ourselves more time during our next visit.

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