Thursday, August 22, 2013

Klamath, California

We left the Sacramento Area around 10 am, and arrived at Klamath, California around 7:30 pm.  I decided to follow both Google and our GPS's advice and go up I-5 to Redding and then over to Highway 101, then north to Klamath.  It was a 365 mile trip, and it is a bit slow from Redding over to 101, and there was around 45 minutes of construction delays, but it was a pretty drive....pretty hot, pretty smoky, and pretty cool once we got close to the ocean.  Needless to say, no pictures of the drive, and had it not been for the smoke, there would have been ample pictures to choose from.

Above is the Klamath River with the Pacific Ocean just to the right.  I took this around 8:30, and used the Sepia setting to see how it would look.  Not much light out, and it was very overcast with fog and with clouds (even heard some thunder around 9:30), so I will need to try again tomorrow to see how it looks in total day light.

We stayed at this park (Golden Bear RV Resort) last year for a couple of nights, and Marcia liked how we face the water and can just look out at the river...watching the tide move the river to the left when it is in, and to the right when the tide is out.  For $15 per night with Passport America, electric, water and sewer, it is pretty good.  No TV, and we have Internet off of our Verizon Card, and I am getting it from some motel with my Wi-Fi extender. You can read our post from last year if you want to hear more.

Tomorrow we are just going to sit around and do nothing....well, I am going to groom the dogs unless the weather does not permit it.  Frankly we are both a bit tired from helping move mom and dad, and from the long drive today.  But now that we are where we are, we can enjoy the coast from here to Coos Bay, and then head inland to Crater Lake on our way home.


  1. Sounds like a few days of just relaxing and enjoying your view are what you need now. Kick back and smell the roses:)

    Hope Crater Lake clears of smoke before you make the trip. Another blogger just posted pictures and the smoke is very heavy with grey water.

    1. Yes, smoke is an issue and we will be flexible. There is a fire just north-east of Sacramento which is putting lots of smoke in the air, and others in Nor-Cal and Oregon.

  2. All the fires are sad. I hope it works out for your trip.

    Just enjoy and relax...

  3. Hi Dave and Marcia:
    Yes, we're having hazy/smokey skies here in Ashland; they have to modify the outdoor plays when it's smokey so audiences have to keep up with bulletins concerning performances they have tickets for. Last evening there was lots of thunder and lightening, a sure sign of more forest fires in Oregon ... but during the night it started raining and I hope that helps. It's a light rain but for me such a nice change. I have my cup of coffee and am enjoying the coolness (about 65 right now at 10:30). This may be the day for me to really flatten the necessary learning curve for Elements 11.
    Enjoy the coast and RELAX; you deserve it.


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