Monday, August 5, 2013

What Squirrels Do All Day Long

1a   1b

It has not taken long for the Squirrels to remember how much THEY rule the roost around here.  As much as the dogs try, they never pull one over on the Squirrels….but the Squirrels sure do pull one over on the dogs.  Like below…..

2a   2b
Ok, where is that Skruffy dog at....there she is…..  LOOK Skruffy, here I am right here!
Here Doggie Doggie, up here!

All of this to get her attention, and as you see to the left, she is mesmerized on the tree…while another Squirrel is on the ground to her right eating away on the bird seed which has dropped out of the bird feeder.  What about Bubba?  Well, he is on his back roaring with laughter of course.


….even the Doves get in on the act….

2f        2g
Yep, the dogs love being back in Sandy and Arny’s backyard, that is for sure.

Mom and Dad have signed the contract, they take possession of the house on the 16th, and we should have them moved in on the 17th….with the new fridge, washer and dryer being delivered on Monday the 19th.  By late August we should be able to break away for a week long adventure somewhere, but that will depend upon the weather.  Right now the weather is so nice, temps in the 80’s, one could go just about anywhere.  But late August in Northern Cal can be brutally hot, so we will just have to wait and see.


  1. Way cute! The squirrels and pups are entertaining! Bubba has the right idea!

    Good news about your parents.

  2. I haven't been up to date on my reading or posting because my Jet Pack has been persnickety the last couple of days. Thanks for your email. We'll see how things go and maybe we can meet - as you said - sometime! I LOVE the squirrel / pup exchange. Great photos and amusing info. Glad you're getting the folks settled in a house very close to relatives. How old are the folks? They must be doing well if they're living independently. Wow, that refrigerator freezer looks as if they'll be doing some entertaining!
    Glad the black/grey water apparatus is back in working order - not fun to do without!!


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