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MOVED – Notaninch

Ever heard of Notaninch before?  That is when it is moving day, and you decide to move “Not An Inch” and stay put where you are.  That is what we did, but not only because we did not want to move….in fact, we took a day trip into Oregon for about 5 hours…more on that in a bit.  The main reason we did not move is because we want to attend Calvary Chapel of the Redwoods, which is six miles away from this RV Park.  For those who have followed us for a long time, we try to visit Calvary Chapel Churches during our travels.  We like this Church because they teach right out of the bible, verse by verse, called expository teaching.  Last year we visited a dozen or so Calvary Chapel Churches.  We plugged POIs into our GPS last year, and as we drove along Highway 101 yesterday headed to the RV  park the GPS lady said, “Calvary Chapel, Calvary Chapel nearby.”  Later I looked on the map and saw that we drove right by it, and when we headed to the Redwoods  later in the day, sure enough, there it was in plain sight right along the highway.

1a      1b1c

If you have been along the Oregon Coastline, especially during the summer, you know that you are bound to run into the marine fog layer.  The above pictures show what I mean.  And as is normal, the fog does not stay out in the Ocean, at times it was very thick today.


These folks from Oregon parked near us at Harris Beach State Park, one of the many stops we had today.  Lovely dogs.  Nice shirt he is wearing….


“Love them like Family, Feed them like Family”  It is a Blue Buffalo Pet Food shirt.  We love our dogs too…but they do fine with Beneful and table scraps and daily treats.


A little further north and we come to Whaleshead Beach.  Now what is funny is that both Marcia and I were reading it as Whale-shead, and we both were sitting there wondering, without saying anything, what the “H” was a Whale-shead.  There were signs for Whaleshead road, Whaleshead viewpoint, etc. etc.  It wasn’t until we got to the beach, and I looked out at the rocks that it dawned on me that the one rock did look like a Whale’s head breaching the water.  Marcia said, “If they intended it to be Whale’s Head, why did they not use proper English?”  New language I guess….Oregonbonics.

 3a     3b

Whaleshead is at the southern end of Boardman State Park, while Arch Rock is at the northern end of the 12 mile long Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor.  As we arrived at Arch Rock, the path to the view point was very pretty…nice picnic area (above left), plush green scenery along the path (above right), and total fog when you look out at the arch (below).


In case you can’t see the “arch”, a little closer view below.


Other rocks out along this area of the coast are blanketed too (below).


Still, it was cool, it was interesting, and we had another ten or more miles to go….


And only a few miles north of “Arch Rock” we come to Pistol River State Park, the fog is lighter, there’s blue sky amongst the clouds, and you just got to wonder why the entire drive couldn’t be like this.  That is Oregon…that is how it is.


We then drove further north to Cape Sebastian State Park, and got this picture above showing the fog layer in places, and not in other places, some blue sky in the distance, and…..


…way off in the distance, Mack Arch.

5d    5e

In the above two pictures you can more clearly see where Mack Arch is located and can probably now see it in the distance in the first picture shown from Cape Sebastian State Park.


We get to Gold Beach, the furthest north we wanted to go today, and we see this bridge.  I ask Marcia to take a picture of it because it looked like the same type of bridges that we saw last year and found out that Conde McCullough was the designer of many of the bridges along Oregon’s Coast.  (See last year’s posting.)


We crossed the bridge and got this picture above of the Rogue River entering the Ocean, full of Salmon Fishermen.  They were up the river too, and my guess is there was around 50 boats out there in total that we saw.  And with that, we headed home….but sometimes you just can’t get there without a diversion or two along the way.  This time it was a very BIG diversion…


Did you know that Oregon has Redwood Trees too?  They have Coastal Redwoods in the very extreme south-western portion of the state.  So as I was driving along Highway 101, I see this sign just north of the California Boarder which says, “The Oregon Redwoods Trail”, and the car just suddenly took a left turn exiting the highway.  We travel about two miles down this new road, Winchuck River Road, and see another sign for the Oregon Redwoods Trail.  We turn on this road and see that it is going to be a four mile drive, on a gravel/dirt road which is not in as good shape as yesterdays road, but decide to continue.  We saw one truck on our way up coming down, and one car going up as we were coming down.  There was no one at the trail head parking lot.  It was wonderful!  However, it was not ADA accessible, so other than me walking about 1/10 of a mile along the path to see how it was, we had to enjoy the trees that we saw along the drive.

7b  7c  7d7e   7f

For those who want some solitude, but you want to enjoy the Giant Redwoods, and you are not afraid of a dirt road with pot holes and small ruts in it….well, I have the place for you,.  And for you who like to camp in National Forest Lands, this is NF Road 110 that gets you up to the Oregon Redwoods Trail.  And I have to say, the temps are just perfect to hide away from the hot summer sun.  For more info on the Oregon Redwood Trail, click here.

Tomorrow we REALLY DO move, moving to Port Orford, Oregon, about 70 miles from here.  We will be there for two nights, just enough to explore more of the fog, I mean, Oregon Coast.


  1. I might just have to quote you on "notaninch" Funny! I like those days.

    That was a very nice drive you had. Thanks so much for sharing the Oregon coast with us. I do hope to get there one day.

    Your picture of the wildflowers, rocks, and ocean is so pretty.

    P.S. we do feed our pups Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula and yes, they eat better than we do!

    1. More than welcome to use the "notaninch", don't know why I thought about it, sometimes things just come into your mind and you go with it. I totally respect those who feed Blue Buffalo to their pets, and I love their T-shirts and other advertising ideas. But after reading Desert Diva's problem in moving her older dog to a natural dog food after years of using a certain brand, I think we will stay with Beneful. Before I remarried, ole Skruffy use to get Pedigree dog food in pouches...would not touch dry dog food at all. Then Bubba came along, and there was no way we were giving one dog pouches and the other dry, and after two days, she started eating the Beneful and pouches are now history long forgotten.

  2. Fabulous photos - whose handy-work? - a travel log of the Oregon Coast. As I hail mainly from Northern CA Coastal areas I'm very familiar with FOG. For 'NO FOG' opportunities in CA, we say visit in the Spring and / or Fall. I love fog - especially at the beginning and ending of a hot Summer day. It's the California Coast's automatic air conditioning.
    And, I love visiting 'Notaninch' too, as I'm doing today.
    As for the pet food discussion, yup, my experience is dogs like the same food over and over. I've noticed with Lacy, the thinnest (up 'til now) Standard Poodle - she weighed 25 pounds maximum up until this past month - she was 3 in March - and now she seems to be looking a little heavier ( maybe 28 pounds), finally. The breeder told me she'd be on the small side and that her mom didn't start to gain weight until she was about 4 (maximum weight for Mom = 39 pounds); so I guess she's following in Mom's footsteps. I'm happy Desert Diva's Cali is better - and lesson learned!

    1. I take most of the pictures, Marcia takes some if the view "out her window" is the best, or if I am driving (although I get accused of taking pictures and driving at the same time, but not very often).

      Made it fine up to Port Orford, still getting settled in.


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