Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Loomis RV Park

We are leaving the Loomis RV Park tomorrow after staying here for five of the last six weeks.  Now the park is an old KOA, with Gravel Sites, and a large number of weekly and monthly users.  Is it an ideal place to stay?  Well, we have stayed in areas like Portland where the sites are nicer, but neighbors crammed in on both sides.  At least here we can park the car next to the motorhome, and have some space on the other side too.  And it is what I would call a mature park…all the trees are fully grown, so there is shade in many of the sites.  And there is a pull through area that they try to leave for people only needing a few days at a time, and they all have lots of shade.


An important thing with what I call “full time park users” is what is the clientele like.  The lady manager of the park is a good, hard working, dedicated person.  Her and her son lived in the park for a year before she became the manager.  When she moved in she was in the middle of a divorce, and this was close to the “dad”, which was important to her for the times he had the child.  She had to ask to move to another section of the park due to the loud, rude behavior of the folks using the park near where she was.  Once she became manager, she told me she worked hard for three or four months to route out the bad users, which changed the attitudes of some of the not so bad, not so good users, and now she has everything well under control.  In the six weeks we have been here, we have seen nor heard of no problems.  The park is probably 80% full at the least, and near 100% on Fridays and Saturdays.


We picked this park for a few reasons.  First, about the closest true RV park closest to mom and dad.  There was a few mobile home parks which allow for RVs, but we did not wish to go there.  There is one RV park on Madison Avenue which is a bit closer to mom and dad, but it is also closer to I-80, and Madison and I-80 is a busy, busy area.  The noise level would just be a bit too much to handle.  And they lack large trees, and the sites are way too close together.  There is a KOA in West Sacramento which probably would have worked….and definitely would have cost us twice as much as what we spent here.  There is also an RV park at Cal Expo, but I did not like the reviews, and again, a busy area of town, and the State Fair ran for three of the six weeks we have been in the area.  So the bottom line is this, not a whole lot of true RV parks to choose from, and this one worked out great for us.

Google View of Sister's street, Mom and Dad will be two doors down, end of a cul-de-sac, so within a few weeks, by the end of August at the latest, we will all be within yelling distance, let alone walking distance.

Tomorrow we head over to my sister’s house where they are finished with their remodel project, and this is where we stayed last year with our American Eagle.  And my next blog will include the great news that mom and dad just committed to rent the house two doors down from my sister, so they will be very close to us, and to my sister, and this should work out better for everyone….especially for them.  Pictures in my next blog posting.


  1. How nice for your parents to have your sister so near by. I am sure it is a comfort for them. Great that you will be back staying at your sister's. You're just one big happy family!!

  2. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?


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