Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coos Bay, Oregon

Yes, plans were to stay at the Bullards Beach State Park in Bandon, Oregon, but we decided to drive on to Coos Bay and stay at the Mill Casino and Hotel like we did last year.  They have an RV park here, but they also have a nice, big parking lot full of RV'ers who just want to stop for a night or two.  

I wanted to stay here to test our our inverter and batteries to see if we could handle National Forest Campgrounds along Diamond Lake near Crater Lake.  I had mentioned before that when we bought this motorhome we knew the inverter gif trips while on generator or shore power.  The inverter provides power to two outlets, both behind the TV.  I reset the gif, turned on the inverter, and we had TV and computer power.  However, 90 minutes later when I checked the battery strength, it was down to one.  I had to start the engine of the RV just to have enough power to start the generator, which I tested earlier in our trip.  I guess we will have to replace the house batteries after all before we attempt to do any boondocking type of camping.  Looks like a visit to Sams Club is in order when we get back to the Sacramento area.  As for the next two days, we plan to stay at the Stewart State Park Campground, which has 30 amp service, and then start heading home on Friday, with the arrival target date of Saturday.

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