Friday, August 30, 2013

Crater Lake, Glad We Made It Back


Due to the slow connection, not going to say too much right now other than the view just kept getting better and better and better.  Here we are in the Southeast area of the lake, a portion we did not get to last year.  Tomorrow I will post more pictures.


On our way back from the lake we stopped to see and meet Mary-Pat who writes the Butterflies and Heart Songs blog.  I met her online while we were staying at the Loomis RV Park…she lives in Roseville which is between Loomis and my Sister’s house in Citrus Heights.  Anyway, she had found this wonderful Butterfly Heart that she wanted to make a logo out of, and so I made this banner for her.  She is still tweaking her blog design and might use a second banner I made which is similar to this one. Anyway, she is traveling with her dog Lacy and two cats in her new to her 25 foot Fleetwood motorhome pulling her new to her smart car.  It was nice to finally meet her, and I am sure our paths will cross again in the future.

We head for Citrus Heights again tomorrow with expected arrival time of Saturday late morning or early afternoon.  We have had one heck of a fun 9 days and who knows, we might just find something exciting to report about on our way home. Smile

PS: did you notice our banner picture has changed from a generic ocean view to a view of our motorhome along the ocean? 


  1. Yes, I did notice...awesome photo. I just love the beach.

    Crater Lake is beautiful too! I hope to see it in person one day.

    Safe travels.

    1. Just wait until I get a good connection and be sure to have a cup of coffee in hand because my next post is going to be a long one full of pictures we took yesterday at Crater Lake..... :) Let me tell you, Late August and September is the time to visit as long as you stay away from the is like having the place to yourself almost. Last July we could hardly get a parking place at Rim Village....yesterday there were hardly cars in Rim Village in comparison.

  2. So glad the smoke cleared for your visit. Crater Lake is so amazing and beautiful. Can't wait to revisit it with your pictures.

    Beautiful new header photo:)

  3. Hi Dave and Marcia:

    Wow, can't wait to see the rest of the photos. I just CANNOT believe the colors at Crater Lake, which I visited on Friday - all day. Thanks for the little pitch for my blog; I'd love new followers. I just wrote you an email too. I love the new banner shot of your RV with the wonderful Pacific Ocean in the background.
    Happy Labor Day .... mary-pat
    PS: I love this RV park you suggested. I'm having a great time!


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