Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Forest Gump Move


Yep, I think anyone who saw the movie, remembers this bumper sticker.  Anyone who has a RV, does not want to see these parts of their RV (below) sitting on a table.


We knew ahead of time that going up the slope of my sister’s second driveway leading up to the backyard would be a bit of a problem, it was hard to know just what needed to be done until we got there.  I pulled a portion of the way up, and we knew right away that we would need a ramp to help with the street slope leading to the gutter, and the driveway slope headed to the gutter in the opposite direction.  We went over to the nearest Home Depot and bought a few 10 by 2’s, reinforced the center with some scrapes that my brother-in-law Arny had, and up the driveway we headed…until the back left board snapped….and the motorhome lands right on the grey and black tank plumbing fixtures which are now laying all over the lower driveway and gutter…along with a small portion of the remains which did not drain out when I drained it all out at the Loomis park before we left.  Yes Forrest, “IT” does happen.  About $40 of parts and a lot of hard work from Arny (who is a automotive master body man, master engine man, etc. etc., and now a pretty good RV plumber to boot.  It took awhile to gather up all the parts we needed, and we did stay in a motel last night (Thursday), but it is all back together now.  We are going to work on stronger planks for the future.  Bottom line, neither of noticed the two small knot holes close to each other on the plank that busted, which created a weak spot, which created a pile of ….well, we just won’t go there again.


So we are back near the squirrel tree that our dogs love so much…the one they fell in love with last year when we were here with our American Eagle.  One good thing about having a smaller motorhome is that the gate will close with us in the backyard, unlike last year when we had to have a small temporary fence to keep the dogs in.

2b     2c

As you can see, we have inches to spare at the gate, and inches to spare at the tree.  I call it a perfect fit, good going Arny.  And there is even 30 amp plug at the end of the gate!


And all you have to do is follow Bubba’s eyes and you can see the Squirrel sitting up in the left upper part of the tree.


Of course, this is what the Squirrels are looking for….and now they get a second treat…they get to tease the dogs, and boy, do they ever tease the dogs.


Now for where Mom and Dad are going to be living….it is that house to the far left with the brown garage door. I am standing on Sandy and Arny’s main driveway, so you can see that it is very close, and it will be nice to have them living so close to my sister.  Today we went out to a Sears Outlet and they bought a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom…they call them French Door Refrigerators.

It will be real nice for them since bending over to get into a refrigerator is hard on both of them.  Now to hunt down a washer and dryer and they will be able to move in around two weeks from now. 


  1. It's a nice thing Arny is so handy...that was a big OOPS!

    Nice place to park...and extra nice you will be surrounded by family. I know Bubba will have a great time too! A big yard to play in and a squirrel for entertainment!


  2. Sorry to read about the difficulty getting into the yard. But, glad it all worked out! Boy, that is a perfect fit.

    Love the little squirrel house!

    Gee, your visit to the parents sounds like ours. Camping is free but when we finish with all the other needs $$$, it all balances out and then some. But, we are glad we can do it; it is our turn after all.

    Enjoy your new "park!"


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