Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Hair Day, Lots of Birds

Klamath River

This is our view from the front cab of our motorhome (taken outside of course).  The above picture is actually four, yes four, pictures put together to give the full panoramic view that we see from our left to our right.  I just love Adobe Elements, you can do so much with it.   Birds, lots of birds, fly up and down the river.  Again, I am not a bird person, but I have seen a Blue Heron, a Pelican, lots of different Sea Gulls, and birds which look like Ducks or Mud Hens/Coots.  There are boats going up and down too, many slowly as they fish for the Salmon headed up stream.  Saw a guy in the park with a bucket with two Salmon in it, they looked very big.  We love Salmon.

Today is a good hair day…no, not my hair, it is a good day to groom the doggies hair.  It is a blistering 61 degrees at 11:30 am, and the high is projected to be 68.  Doubt we will see the sun today, perhaps not all week.  Last year, after two weeks of the California and Oregon Coast Marcia said, “If I don’t see the sun pretty soon I might just kill you…”  This year it is more like, “If I don’t get out of this valley heat….”  I think she can handle a week of this after weeks of Sacramento Valley heat.
1a     1b

Ok, now you get the before (above) pictures, and the after (below) pictures.

2a    2b

Sometimes Skruffy’s look really lives up to her name.  This is not her best hair cut, but after a good brushing, she cleaned up real nice.  Since our new motorhome has no room to carry our fold-up table, this is what I do.  I take Marcia’s GoGo out of the back of the HHR, lay down a carpet in the back of the HHR, use the GoGo to sit on (the seat swivels, so I face the back of it towards the HHR, turn the seat around and it gives me all the room I need to work.  I start with Bubba, who is harder to do and takes much longer to do.  His hair is so thick!  I try and get as much of the hair in the garbage can, which I set next to me, as I can.  He is pretty good about everything except, when I need him to be on his back so that I can get his belly and between his back legs.  Today, while on his back, he closed all four legs together in a defiant motion to keep the clippers away from his, um.... area.  I normally save that for last, but it has to be done.  Skruffy will just lay there on her back when I do her belly and area…and that makes it easier to do her feet too when she just lays there.  Between the two of them, and with the set-up and clean-up, it takes about 2 1/2 hours.  Another hour if I give them a bath afterwards….which today I did not do.

For a few hours I sat in the front seat of the motorhome throughout the day taking pictures of things that went by.  To our surprise, this seal (above) surfaced right out front….but since it right out front, I could only shoot it through the window because it came, it looked, it left….next surfacing that I saw was up river about 200 yards.

3a    3b

There were lots of birds in the water and on the deck….but to get a good picture of one   flying is a bit harder to capture in a good focus…..

3d      3e3f

Not bad for being lazy sitting in a comfy chair keeping warm….yes, keeping warm because it only got to 70 degrees!  Oh, I already mentioned how cool it was, didn’t I.  Sorry to you folks facing such hot weather.  Of course, my family is wondering why it is that every time we leave, the temperature moderates back to normal or below normal.  Hmmmm…


  1. I just love your beautiful location. Great panorama! Fresh salmon! Yum! I might have had to take up fishing.

    The dogs look great! But thought they were adorable before.

    Your temps sound heavenly! This east humidity is for the birds.

    1. The park is nothing to speak of....but the view is wonderful and the temps are fantastic!

  2. Replies
    1. It is a nice little park close to the "free" National/State Redwoods Park, once just a California State Park, now a joint effort (I think the State is giving it over to the Feds in the long run). The park has two sections, we did the southern section last year, and missed the northern section due to mechanical issues with our last motorhome...but we are doing the northern section later today (Friday)

  3. It sounds like you're all enjoying this spot. Wow! 70F. high. Last night it got down to about 59 in Ashland - the sleeping was sublime with the babbling brook and coolness. But, today it got back up to the upper 80s and there's more humidity here than the Sacramento area. Yes, I noticed that's it's not too hot there right now. It's Gumperson's Law that it would become mild after we leave, right? You do Elements proud, Dave; keep up the good work.
    I'm having some mail sent to me here so I'll be staying until next Wednesday - then, as of now, it's off to Crater Lake - any campground suggestions in or near the park?


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