Saturday, August 10, 2013

Backyard Birds

Enough about Squirrels and Dogs….what about the birds?  With all the bird feeders, large trees and shade, there are many birds to see and photograph in my sister’s backyard.  Now I am not a “Birder”, don’t know the names of very many birds, but I still appreciate them and love to photograph them.  Last year I tried to get a good picture of the hummingbirds, but to no avail due to the quality of the camera.  I am anxious to know if I can get the “shot” I am looking for with this new camera.  But first….some of the other birds in the backyard…. Remember, clicking on a picture will provide a larger picture.

 1b  1c

The “cooing” Doves.  The Doves love to sit on the telephone/electrical wires, and limbs of trees, cooing and cooing.  The first picture above shows the puffed up neck as it coos, and the aftermath of the coo as the bird’s neck returns to normal.

But the Dove’s favorite place is at the feeder…


The blue birds are around too….not too loud, and take their turn at the feeder if the Dove’s are not there.


Some Sparrows on the roof of the shed above, and a Robin on the grass below.


Now for the Hummingbird.  There is one resident male Hummingbird which has laid claim on the large tree and especially on the feeder hanging on the tree.  He will sit up on the branches and watch for intruders, and he is a very vocal Hummingbird.  Below are a few bad shots of it sitting in the tree.


Throughout the day it will make runs to the feeder for food.


Where he will sit long enough to allow for a picture or two.


And if you are lucky….you can catch the “it” picture that you have been waiting for.


Yep, I am liking our camera more and more each day….

Note:  To answer a few, I did not have a tripod, don't have a tripod yet, but will get a small one soon I hope.  I was sitting, but was holding the camera.  I was around 20 feet away from the bird feeder, and did have camera on some level of zoom, but did not note how much of a zoom.  I did use photoshop to zoom in more, but did not enhance the picture beyond the crop and zoom.  I did have the camera set to take five consecutive shots, it took three...the one in flight was the best of the three.  The two above it were also taken in consecutive shot mode, and these two were part of a series of five shots taken within just a few seconds.


  1. That's awesome you got the hummingbird in flight....I call that a WOW! picture. I do love the doves too! And their cooing!

    1. Being busy with mom and dad, it seems every time I was ready to get a picture of the was not ready to be photographed. Yesterday I sat out there for a good 45 minutes before I got the opportunity, and it sure did pay off. Sure looks like you all are having a blast at Glacier National Park...we sure did last year ourselves.

  2. I LOVE YOUR HUMMINGBIRD - IN FLIGHT. Wonderful photo and worth the wait! Good job, Dave. Hope things are going well with "mom and dad." I'm finally heading out tomorrow - excited to finally get on with this adventure.

  3. Thanks, looks like you are enjoying your stay in New York again. Take care.

  4. Uh, oh - it looks like you are becoming "quite" the photographer. Bird photos are hard and you did some great captures - especially the hummingbird! :-)

    1. Thanks Cheryl, a tripod and better lights and I think I can get much better....but other things are more important right now. Glad you are having fun in Oregon.


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