Saturday, June 1, 2013

Home with the Jayco, no pictures yet

This will be a short posting to a LONG ordeal.  Not to imply that Camping World did anything wrong, they were great...but the whole process is a ordeal.  All the people at Camping World were great at this store, less one....there always has to be one....this is the one who, when asking about if we wanted a quote on insurance says, "We will tell them that you use it from 30-90 days a year."  Even though I had told her we use it 3/4's of the year.  "Oh, but you will save so much more saying 30-90, and they will never know...."  She was taken back when I told her that it will be 3/4's of the year, we are not ones who will lie about things....   Needless to say, when Good Sams called the next day to talk it over, I told them that we had decided to stay with who we had.   Also, this same person was taken aback when we told her that we were going with Wholesale Warranties and not Good Sams for the Extended Maintenance Agreement.  Both policies were similar, but Wholesale was over $2K cheaper, and they have a A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and come highly recommended by Howard and Linda Payne at, and their blog, which I have followed for six years or more.  Here is a link to their Extended Warranties information page, well worth the read.  Anyway, Blondie, as we liked to refer to her, had her noise out of joint over both of our decisions, and we could sure tell it.  Not very good PR for Camping World, that is for sure.  However the rest of them, especially Gail or sales person, were absolutely great. And we wish Gail the best with her surgery this coming week....

But it was an was going to three Walmarts this evening trying to find the right shelving materials to use in the kitchen cabinets.  The first Walmart in Tarpon Springs was too small, had nothing, told us to go to the Palm Harbor store, which had nothing, and we were told to go to the Super Center about 8 miles away.   Finally we find stuff, go up to purchase it, and the short line is moving so slowly that it just made the entire Walmart ordeal into a big ordeal.  Not to mention the heavy rain that we encountered during this Walmart night.

So our Jayco is over at a RV park, is about 3/4's of the way full, and when we get our clothes in there, and a few more kitchen items and the refrigerator we will go on Monday for our shake down cruise and snooze.  WE BOTH are beat!  Excited, but tired, happy, but exhausted. And it sure was nice to be with Skruffy and Bubba for two full days and nights.  When I dropped her of at Mike's this evening, Skruffy turned around and gave me this, "You are coming back for me, aren't you?" look that just about broke my heart....

Pictures will follow....more than you will want to see perhaps.  


  1. Glad you are almost totally set. Can't wait for pictures!

  2. It will all work out in the long run - remember "patience is a virtue!" ;-)


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