Monday, June 10, 2013

On The Road Again! - Georgia

We left the Palm Harbor / Holiday Florida area around 1:30.  Drove through some wicked rain near Gator Country, I am sure Marcia’s granddaughter had something to do with that….I am always giving her a bad time about being a Gator since my two boys are Arkansas Hogs, and my heart lies with the Hogs too.  Both being in the SEC, well, it is my guess that Alissa was on her knees praying that the Gators whip their tails on the water to give us a big bath as we passed through Gainesville.  Others had problems….saw a number of wrecks….but we made it safely through.
1bWe did not get off until after noon because we were awaiting one last Amazon package….which gave Marcia one last chance to go to her Women of Wisdom church group, and us a chance to get a few more items from Publix, which is a great grocery store.
We pulled into the Southern Gates RV Park, near the big town of Arabi, GA.  The town has a population of less than 600, with a median income for a household in the town of $24K.  The park is nothing great, but a good, inexpensive stop along our way towards Salt Lake City.  The couple who owns and operates the park are sure nice.  By the looks of the business here…they are not making a killing, that is for sure.  Of course, around here Winter time is the king.
Looks like we are going to have a nice, quiet night, that’s for sure.
We stopped and let the dogs out a few times on the way up here…but they sure were anxious to get out.
Sometimes I let Skruffy run without a leash…but Bubba is a runner (will run and run and won’t come back until he is good and ready), so poor Bubba is always on a leash.
Thank goodness we still had some daylight so that they could enjoy some of the outdoors.  Skruffy was a good girl, anytime she got out a bit far, she came back at my command.
Not sure how far we will go tomorrow…but we won’t drive through Atlanta until it is at least past 10:00 a.m.  Like most RVer’s, we typically don’t like driving long distances….but we are so behind due to our decision to move down to a Class C from the Class A that we want to get some distance between us and Florida for now.  We have not decided for sure, but we probably are going to visit the Tetons since the smoke was so bad last year when we did visit them.  It will only add an extra 300 miles or so to this trip to Salt Lake, so why not?  Or do we go across I-70 through Denver and into the Rockies???  Oh, the decisions one has to make…


  1. What a wonderful life and fun decisions we vote....visit the Tetons. We haven't been there yet. Bubba sounds so much like our Dover...she will run and chase anything!

    Safe travels today!

  2. Wow, you're on your way! It's pretty warm out west - just a "head's up"...

    I'm waiting for a package too before I leave, and a shipment of the facial sunscreen I use from my doctor's office. (Elta MD)

    It's funny to hear about your dogs and coming to you on command. Cali is such a "momma's girl" that she rarely lets me out of her sight. Even when hiking if she's in front she'll stop and turn around to see where I am. However, sometimes she'll "get a wild hair" and "go explore smells." When she does that she'll come back shortly, but when I call her she has uh, "selective hearing!"

    She doesn't like vehicles with loud noises (garbage truck, rattle of flat-bed trailers, etc...) Last summer we had a "close call," but I thank God that it turned out well...


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