Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Happy Happy Happy Dogs


LOOK, there are TREES again!  Looks much better than what we had been looking at for the past few days in Nevada….as shown below.


And when you are a Dog, you know that trees just offer that many more opportunities for SMELLS…  So yes, we made it to California Thursday.  We got set up in the RV park that we will be at for the next two weeks….it is an old KOA (yawn) full of gravel (double yawn), with lots of trees (clapping) and only 15 minutes away from mom and dad (double clapping).

July 2012...missing Arny Treats

So last night we went over to mom and dad’s for dinner and visits, then over to my sister’s house where we stayed last year for a few months because the dogs were just dying for a familiar backyard to run around in, and for an Arny Treat from their uncle Arniy (last year’s post on Arny Treats).  In a few weeks we will be back in my sister’s backyard, but they are currently doing a remodel project and the RV pad is taken up by a storage pod.

2a    2d

Now for Loomis RV Park.  Having trees is nice….but a little grass, and more distance between RV’s would be even better.  At $215 per week, not a bad California price, but a little bit of privacy would have been nice.

2b  2c

At least we will like our neighbors to our rear….oh, there are no neighbors there….exactly the point.


And I know we will be safe because we have two special guards….one on each side on a constant watch for anything that moves…and the frequent bark from this one, and rare bark from the other one, we will always be safe with watchdogs like this. 


  1. Too funny - my Cali is a barker too. She wouldn't bite - just notify! :-)

    1. Skruffy won't bite...she will nudge Bubba with her nose to get him to move, behave, get away, or just to show him who is boss.

  2. Yeah! So glad you will be close and can visit. How nice that you will be able to park in your sisters backyard.

    Out of our 4 pups, we have 2 watchdogs too! Heaven forbid that anyone knock on the door!


    1. Thank goodness Bubba watches without barking all the time....although he will bark if there is something he thinks we should know about. He enjoys just looking out the window, while Skruffy enjoys it, but gives up on it sooner...but she "hears" the noises which makes her look out again. In May while at my son's graduation in Arkansas we pull up to the three story LaQuinta and I hear Skruffy barking. I laugh and look up at our hotel room window....there she was looking down on us and letting us know that she knew we were "back". Now how she knows that I just don't know...but she knew it was us, that is for sure.

  3. Dogs love to run around and SMELL on everything. They load up their SMELL bladders just so they can SMELL and SMELL and SMELL.

    1. So true....and I think they hate hard dirt with no grass, no trees, thorny bushes, and few opportunities for smells, as they just experienced in Ely Nevada.


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