Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Laundry, Grooming, Non-travel Day, Invite to NEW Google Maps


Doing laundry was first on our list today.  Research before we even got to the RV Park showed that this laundry mat, Soak n Suds, was located just across the highway.  A quick surveillance run first thing this morning showed me that it was going to be a real winner….and true to form, Marcia did really like it.  Now I love our camera, but I did not dream of taking it with us to do laundry….so I got these three off the Internet.  I wish all the laundry mats were as clean and nice as this one!

1b     1c

Next, time to groom the dogs.  Poor Bubba was in real need for a buzzzz job.  Below is a picture from a few days ago.  His last grooming was a little over two months ago…with the American Eagle break down, unpacking the condo, buying a new to us Class C, and taking off last week, poor Bubba just did not get his monthly grooming job, and was looking very shabby.


So today I removed the scooter from the back of the HHR, laid down a old piece of carpet, sat on the scooter and gave him his buz.  It took a couple of hours because his hair is so very thick…and he got tired of it all, but he is now trimmed down.


Marcia thought I should have trimmed his head more, but then he looks like a big rat….I just had to leave his ears and head long, although I did trim both, and I cut his face back too.


Skruffy on the other hand, she was groomed about three weeks ago, so today she got a good, quick trim.  You can see it in Bubba's face, he does not understand why he was under the knife, I mean clippers, for two hours, while she was done in 15 minutes.


Don’t know why, but Google gave me an opportunity to try their “New Google Maps”.  I had just read about it this morning in the news, and so I decided to give it a try.  Above is the old maps giving directions from here to Citrus Heights.  Below is the new…. Remember, you can click on the picture and it will show a larger version.


What I like is the bar along the bottom giving a set of pictures (with more to the right out of view which are available in the live version by moving the bar along the bottom). Also like how alternative routs are shown in "grey", and there is an option to see how many miles each route would be.


Above I put the mouse over the suggestion of “Burney Falls”, and it draws a line to where Burney Falls is located.  Now that is neat.  I am unsure of when it will be offered as the standard map, and I have just begun to look at the features.  It sure looks like a great resource to me…especially the suggestion bar of places to see..

Don’t know about tomorrow….as Scarlett says in Gone with the Wind, I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow.

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  1. Please Bubba that his time was well spent and he looks very dapper with his trim!!

    The new Google maps looks great. I like the suggestions along your route. Maybe all those Kansas rocks would have come up and saved me the search for something interesting.


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