Friday, June 7, 2013

Through the Eye of Tropical Storm Andrea

Well, not really through the eye of this tropical storm, but we sure had a bunch of rain and wind as we drove from Crystal River over to Lake Mary to visit with Marcia’s brother and his family.  At the the time, Andrea was just off the coast to our west, but the bands along the eastern side of the storm were hitting us pretty good.  We took highway 44 straight across from the west side of Florida to the east side of Florida, and for the most part we were driving 50 MPH…..but the storm and the clouds were moving much faster than us.  It was interesting, when it was not raining, to watch the large storm clouds sweep across the sky in front of us.  A few times we almost had sunlight….but that did not last long, and we had rain, at times very hard, more than not.
Here we are Friday morning sitting in their driveway
After our nearly three hour drive, we safely arrived at Dean’s house, and backed into his driveway.  I went as far back as I could, and they were able to get one of the cars inside the two car garage.  After a nice dinner of Chicken Spinach Feta Burgers, we gave the tour of the new rig, and got the water and electricity hooked up.  We won’t have air conditioning, but we will have everything else.
Could have NEVER got the American Eagle in this spot, that's for sure
As for Andrea, well she did touch shore north of us by a few hundred miles, and the outer bands went out over into the Atlantic.  We will be out of here before any other tropical storms or hurricanes head this way….and I can only hope that we don’t have to fight any tornados as we head across the mid-west on our way to Salt Lake City next week, and then on to Sacramento area.  We are not sure if we are going to stop and visit a few areas along the way…..or just head on.  Sure thought we would have been in Sacramento for mom and dads 65th wedding anniversary, which was this past Wednesday.  I think we should be there for Father’s Day at least….and we will have many months to visit as we use the Sacramento area as a hub as we go off and visit areas of Northern California through the fall of this year. 
No Bubba, you cannot drive the new motorhome!


  1. So glad the storm skirted around you and you arrived safely! Looks like a nice place to park!

    Be safe in your travels next week...

  2. We had a "promise" of rain here in Las Cruces. The weatherman said "definitely," the skies darkened, and NADA!

    My terrier-mix Cali likes to sit in the driver's seat (my seat) even though she has a fluffy dog bed on the passenger seat. I suppose my "scent" comforts her...

    1. Driving through the Tropical Storm was not too bad. We don't plan on being in Florida during Hurricane Season for now, but if we do in the future, we know we can get in our little home on wheels and get out of dodge before the storm hits. If one is three days out, we are out of here, that's for sure.


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