Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shake Down Goes Well, Back to Palm Harbor Area

So we have had the new to us motorhome for 8 days, we have driven 400 miles, we had it checked out for the Extended Maintenance Agreement, and we have a good idea what we are not going to take, and what it is we still need to get…..and oh yes, we even drove through a Tropical Storm and our HHR had a flat tire.  Not a bad little Shake Down Cruise.  And we had a great visit with Marcia's brother Dean, sister-in-law Carol, and the rest of the family who was available.
Today it took us three hours to drive back to Palm Harbor from Lake Mary.  The weather was better, but as you can see from the picture above, we were going to have some rain, that’s for sure.  But the hard rain only lasted for about 10 minutes today, light rain for about an hour, and little to no rain after that, and the wind was not bad at all.
But with our little co-pilot on board, we were ready for anything…..
….and then there is Bubba….from this view above he looks like a rug up there…
There you go…. Bubba doing what Bubba does best.  At least when we drive we cannot hear him snore (as he is doing right now as I type this blog out--now this boy can snore!)  But I always have my trusty Skruffy to keep me going down the right road…
Well, sometimes that is….
Hey Skruff, at least you could be facing the right way and pretend to be paying attention girl!
We eventually make it over to I-75, and stop for a bit at the first rest area.  Good time to get a good view of our Melbourne pulling our HHR.
With the storm clouds to our rear…..
…and Blue Skies opening before us…here the rain ended, and we had a fairly dry ride back to our home land.
Oh, now you want to look out the window again, huh girl????
Et tu, Brute? ,,,, I mean Bubba????  Well, these two really enjoy looking out at what's going on at the rest areas we stop at.

Monday we take off on our long awaited Journey….again.  So much has happened in the past five weeks, but it has been worth the wait.  We both love our new little traveling home, we feel safe and comfortable, and our two little fur kids are home again.

So, what is it that we still need to take???  We forgot to pack the wooden and plastic stir utensils to go with our non-stick pots and pans.  Our power protection was for 50 amp, and we needed one for 30 amp….ordered that from Amazon Wednesday night and it was waiting at the door today when we got to the Condo.  Forgot our prescriptions and other important papers, but did remember our passports….will get the other stuff tomorrow after church as we do laundry at the condo one last time.  And I have to find room for the portable electric tire inflator, still room under the bed if need be.  We also removed just a few things, and there is a number of things we packed into the American Eagle that we just did not take for our shake down cruise….nor will we take it on the 17 month trip.  I think the ladder is my biggest “can’t take” item.  Both motorhomes have rear ladders, but there were times that I needed it for working up high along the side of the motorhome.  Well, we will face that when and if we need to face it for this long trip. 


  1. Isn't it so much fun making all those changes...we do have a collapsable ladder we found at Camping World...that might work for you.

    Can't wait for you to hit the road and share your adventures....

    1. It was a collapsible just takes up too much space in the one place that it would fit. Could tie it to the permanent ladder, but the documentation which came with the motorhome said not to tie anything to the ladder. So we decided to not take it. I know my brother-in-law has ladders which I can use while we are in the Sacramento area...but if we indeed go across Canada next summer like we plan, we will have to go without.


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