Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The City of Loomis

Since we are in Loomis, I thought I would do a quick posting about this little city.  Loomis has a population of just over 6,000 people, covers 7 square miles, and is at an elevation of 400 feet.  I tend to think of it as being near the foot of the Sierra Foothills.  Essentially the Sierra Nevada Mountains run along the Eastern side of Central and Northern California.  The foothills are the buffer between the large mountains, which run into the 12,000, 13,000 and even 14,000 foot range, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys, which have elevations near sea level.  Loomis, at 400 feet, is too high to be valley, too low to be foothills.  Below is look to the north just on the outskirts of the city.


The Union Pacific Railroad tracks run right through town on their way up to Donner Pass over the Sierras.  The elevation is just right for growing fruits, and for well over a hundred years fruit packing sheds were located right along the rail tracks.  Today these old sheds have been converted to various office and business locations.


The train freight house and depot was built in 1910.  No longer used for train service, it is used for various community events and activities.


Next door to the old train depot is a park and a skating and skateboard park, and when I drove by, there was a lot of action going on there.


Loomis is named after James Oscar Loomis who settled in the area and at one time was the saloon keeper, railroad agent, express agent, and postmaster.  He died in 1895, five years after the town was named after him.  Prior to that it was known as Placer, Smithville, Pino and Pine, however it never officially incorporated until 1984 to protect it from being taken over by the nearby, and fast grown city of Rocklin, which is located to the south of Loomis.


It seems like a nice little town, very friendly, family oriented, and has a nice size Public Library, located on Library Lane.  (Gotta throw that in since I am a former Public Library Director myself.)


Oh, and we sure appreciate the nice, big Raley’s Supermarket in town.  I have been going to Raley’s since before I can remember….a great store….almost as nice as Publix in Florida.

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  1. What a nice little's nice to see the park busy with young kids outside getting exercise. Thanks for the tour!

    1. I was impressed with the kids, and there were more than the picture from my car showed. They were so well behaved too, but there was a CHP officer parked nearby, but honestly, I don't think they even cared...they were just a bunch of good kids.

  2. Nice little town. It is amazing how many wonderful small towns there are in our country. I am impressed by the great libraries even the smallest towns have.

    Love that they have a nice grocery store. We are outside St. Louis, MO in the "richest county in the state" and they don't have a decent grocery store!! Only small markets. We have to go into the city to find a bigger store.

    1. I agree....there are many amazing little towns out there. I should have gone inside the library, but I was in a hurry (wife had me on an errand). In Missouri our favorite grocery store is called Hy-Vee, which is much like Publix in Florida and parts of the east coast. Both are, from my understanding, employee owned grocery stores....where employees get stock each year, can buy more through payroll deductions, and earn dividends. You can tell by the service one gets there...everyone is willing to help anyone.

  3. Hi Dave:
    I commented on your blog today - 6/30 - but wanted to add that I have very good friends, Bob and Judy, who live on Sudor Lane in Loomis. I head over there from Roseville about once a week. Loomis is a great little town. Bob and Judy have two horses, five llamas, several bunny rabbits, four Chihuahuas and one cat on their ranch.


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