Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Inspection, Coming Together, Toad Flat Tire

Yesterday we had a visit from Rob, a very nice young man who was sent out by the Warranty Company to look over our motorhome.  Everything, except for the Dish on top (which we could not have inspected due to not having any Dish Service), and the Inverter (which we knew was having some problems before we left Camping World) passed with flying colors.  He was amazed at how good of condition this motorhome is in….no rust, everything works, and low miles on engine and low hours on generator.  As for the inverter….it works, but the GFCI keeps blowing.  It only runs the front TV and Sound System, which we can plug into other non-inverter driven outlets, but the GFCI keeps blowing if we run them through the inverter.  It could be a faulty GFCI, or it could be some corrosion or a loose wire from the inverter to the outlets.  We will hunt that problem down and fix later, and then send the documentation to the Warranty company so that it too will be covered.  

Yesterday we moved a few things around, and nearly everything we plan to keep in the motorhome has found a place.  We might pull a few things out, not sure yet.  But I do know that I need to find a place for my tire inflator…which is my next subject.

So I was gathering trash this morning, and put it in the HHR to take to the trash bin which is a few hundred yards away (lazy….no, tired!).  Started the car and the tire inflate light was on.
The HHR has not only a warning light, but it will tell you the inflation level of each tire…and one tire was down to 17, when it normally is at 38.  Crap!  (Skatta for my Greek family members…)  Well, a trip to Walmart is in order, since I have full protection and free balance and rotation on the tires.  But as I left, I knew it would not be a short trip.  Yep, at least a two hour wait.  “We only have 3 guys on right now…another one comes on at 11:30.”   So here I sit…..20 minutes left on laptop battery….poor signal from McDonalds (which is on the far end of the store).  Wish me luck people….

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