Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Time

It has been so nice to just be with family over the past three days.  Most of our time has been with mom and dad, but we have also seen my two sisters, a brother-in-law, an aunt, a cousin and her daughter, both of whom I had not seen for 20 years or more and just happen to have been driving through town on their way back to Idaho.  Seeing a brother on Monday and his wife, and another brother I plan to pop in at his work sometime this week, and another cousin who lives very close to mom and dad.  Then I need to make some time to see some friends… and mom asked us to drive them down to the Modesto area to visit with her only surviving sister.  (Mom was one of eleven children, ten of which produced off-spring, the one who did not died in combat in the Pacific during WW2.)

Today we attended Metro Calvary, a church which we attended many times last year while we were in the area.  The big treat this year is that our own home branch, Calvary Chapel of Palm Harbor, offers their services live over the Internet (audio and video), and we got up at 6 am to watch it.  It helps us to feel a part of being at home in Florida, without having to face the high humidity and high temps (here we just have high temps).

And yes, we will be visiting and blogging about places in and around Northern California when we decide to go out and visit an area.  Definitely going up Highway 1 between San Francisco and Fort Bragg, definitely going back to Yosemite, have a few other ideas brewing.....  But right now…. it's family time…. and we are enjoying the heck out of it.


  1. So glad your time with family is going so well. It's great to connect after so many years. Enjoy!

  2. I should have taken more time last year to see friends and family...but it was more important to be with siblings and parents than the large, vast amount of cousins that I have (somewhere around 60 first cousins). And I was a manager for a restaurant chain, now defunct, in the area which had three locations for over ten years, working there for nearly 14 years....and only saw one good friend last year that I use to work with (and in this case, shared a duplex with twice). This year I plan to see many more old friends....including school friends I hope.


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