Thursday, May 30, 2013

Last Night in the Eagle

Here we sit in the Camping World parking lot, waiting for tomorrow when we turn this 1998 American Eagle home over, and take possession of our “new to us” 2008 Jayco Melbourne.  We give up nearly 10 feet in length, not sure how much in height (which means less cargo space below), but we gain a four year extended warranty through either Good Sams or Wholesale Warranties (99% sure we are going with the latter), and we gain peace of mind in knowing that we are in a more reliable rig, one that Marcia can, and surely will, drive sometimes, and we feel that our new home will be able to take us places the other one “might” have been able to go to, but we probably would have never attempted it.

So here we are in the outer parking lot, plugged into 30 amp power…..
1b …with a few other folks who have business at Camping World in the morning.  We will move our HHR out of the way, pull the Melbourne straight in, and do the small exchange of items.  Small because we removed over 90% of the stuff, then re-added about 10% more just for this exchange….the rest is in the condo.  We know we won’t have as much room, and we will learn how much we can take, and how much will have to stay, and we will just live with it.  I think the hardest part will be not having a washer/dryer…so “hello laundry mats” for us as we travel.  But for the 6 years I lived in a 5th wheel, I did not have a washer/dryer there either, so it won’t be too bad for me.
Because somewhere out in the vast number of trailers and motor homes here at Camping World is our new home…and we are both excited about that.
As for Skruffy and Bubba…well, they just don’t know what lies ahead.  For them, they have been living at Marcia’s brother Mike’s house with two other dogs, two cats, two kids, and three adults…not to speak of the vast amount of others who come and go all of the time.  Their little cousin Pixie, a young (9 months or so) wired hair mix is a handful for not only Skruffy and Bubba, but for the rest of the household too.  She will calm down as she gets older….maybe….but right now, she is one holy terrier (or what ever she happens to be).

Tomorrow…. pictures of our new house.


  1. Enjoy your last night in the American Eagle. Looking forward to pictures of the new home!

  2. Good luck on your new "moving" home. Skruffy and Bubba are just too cute!


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