Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Day in Pine Bluff, Arkansas

For those who are new to my blog, I lived and worked in Pine Bluff, Arkansas for 22 years.  Hired in January 1991 to oversee the two public library branches and the bookmobile service of the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System, by August 1993 I was the interim Director, and by November of the same year, Director.  I retired October 2012, and I guess I did a fair job because the Library Board named one of the branch libraries after me.

So on our way to Fayetteville for my youngest son’s graduation from the University of Arkansas, we stopped in Pine Bluff so that I could wrap up a little bit of banking business, and have to quick of a dinner with a good friend and her husband.  I did see a number of people at the bank, at the store, and I also visited the Branch Library too.  I wish I had more time to see more people, but our timing this time only allowed for a quick pass through.

When we got to the park, I did a quick, temporary fix of the lift which brings Marcia into the motor home so that she does not have to struggle up the stairs, which is hard to do for someone who has MS.  I thought if I popped the top off of the lift and spray the heck out of it with WD-40, that it would at least keep us going until we got to Indiana where they will fix it.  For information about our lift, see this blog posting of the installation process.  For information about how I broke it…well, I’ll let you try and find that post, it is too embarrassing to talk about…..lol.   

Speaking of embarrassing, for the 2nd time now, I forgot to put the tow vehicle in neutral before driving off this morning.  Like last time (last year in California), we noticed very quickly, fixed the situation, and drove on……just to remember that I did not put the antenna down….so we pull over, I get up and the antenna is down…we had cable in the park yesterday so it was never put up.  Oh, I have to get back into the grove again.  Frankly, I busted the lift headed to Pine Bluff last October, and I messed up this morning headed to Pine Bluff…maybe there is some connection there…

Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment in Little Rock.  I have good insurance if one lives in Arkansas, but it really is not so good when you live out of the network, so my primary doctor is in Little Rock at UAMS (University of Arkansas Medical Sciences).  I have a great doctor, and I look forward to visiting with him again….and I hope my blood pressure is lower and that I have shed a few pounds.  We will see.

The Saracen RV Park is a good park for the area.  There is lots of room between sites, but there is no sewer hookups, no cable and no Internet.  It is $20 per night, I think $115 for a week, and $325 for a month.  I lived here for 6 years, most of the time in a 5th wheel.  It is quiet, there are plenty of squirrels, deer, and other critters, and it is along a ox bow lake with some great sites right along the water.  Definitely worth a stay if you are passing through, there is a great public golf course right here, and the first of six Arkansas Nature Centers right here in the park.


  1. Congratulations on "your" library! What a wonderful institution to have named after you. Sounds like you worked very hard for improvements and this honor is well deserved.

    Safe travels!

    1. It definitely felt strange having a Library named after me. Truly a special honor, I am just grateful that my kids were able to be with me last October when we first saw the plaque in place. Thanks for your wonderful comment. -- Dave


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