Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stuck in Little Rock

Quick post just to let family know that our motor home broke down as we were leaving Pine Bluff today.  We were going along the Martha Mitchell Freeway (yes, wife of John Mitchell of the Nixon Administration), also known as Business 65 which is the old highway through town.  We were slowing for a stop light, it turned green, I gave it gas, it went for a few seconds and then everything went black on the loss of power....nothing at all.  We have a towing service, and we had it towed to Little Rock to Cummins Mid-South, which is also a Spartan Chassis Service Center.  They should be able to look at it tomorrow afternoon, although a guy was checking fuses and stuff as we left.

Cell Phone Picture taken by Marcia as I drove our HHR behind the tow truck/motor home

Looks so sad, doesn't it?  Two things which show that we were being watched over...first, we were able to coast to a turnout, the only one for miles either way, so we did not block traffic.  Second, the tow truck driver was this guy named Ashley, whose first wedding I attended some years back...and not only that I attended it, but I was the minister that married them.  Ashley took great care of us and our home on wheels. This is not the first time he has helped me...there was the tow when the Library car broke down as I left a Rotary Club meeting some years back, and also when my truck needed a battery jump once when I lived out in a 5th wheel at the park we stayed at last night.  We are hoping for a quick easy fix, but we will have to take whatever it is and just deal with it.

So here we sit here in a Lq Quinta Inn because they are the most friendly dog motel there is.  Bubba is laid out on the bed, Skruffy is eating....Marcia and I are both on our computers, about to go out and get some dinner.  We won't miss the graduation this weekend, that is for sure, even if we have to leave our motor home here in Little Rock (but we sure hope it does not come to that!)


  1. Thinking of you! Hope all works out well and the MH is fixed quickly.

  2. Thanks. I belong to an American Coach Yahoo Group and I have posted my problem with them. Already had one response of a guy who had same type of problem, he said it ended up being a main fuse to the dash which had "rusted out". Said it was a $20 part....that would be great if that is what it was! Sure glad I was not headed down a mountain or something like that....

  3. Not a good way to start your trip! I hope it's just a $20.00 part.

    1. Yes, cost is always a factor....but any price now is better than the ultimate price had it happen going over Donner Summit and having it happen there. Thanks, and you two travel safe now. --Dave


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