Friday, May 3, 2013

Final 40 Hours….

You get to the point where you want time to speed up, and slow down, all at the same time. 

WE want to be on the road….is there TIME to get everything done….IS there something we are forgetting to do?  

CHECK, double check, triple check.  IRS – done, BANK – done, DMV – done, INSURANCE – done….oops, done for the house and condo (pending final closing date with house), but what about address change for car and RV?  See, there is always something….

So it comes down to this….is everything done that needs to be done before we leave that has to be done in person?  To that, we feel the answer is YES.  Is there stuff that needs to be done after we hit the road?  Most definitely.  We can’t turn off power until we get a firm closing date.  We can’t cancel garbage until we get a firm closing date.  Same with home phone (we are going cell phones only), alarm monitoring, lawn services, water, etc., etc.   I am sure that we will wake up in the middle of the night and wonder, “Did we do this….?”  In fact, during lunch, I ask Marcia if we remembered to pay the Sams Discover card.  Of course, we had….but it all starts to be a big blurrrrrr.

We have one more trip to the Condo tomorrow, one last check of our PO Box tomorrow, clean up the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow, including taking that one, last good shower (RV showers are not the best…but better than not taking one at all, so we always look forward to having a REAL shower.)  Then we have church on Sunday, breakfast, and off we go.

As for the motor home…our 7 month trip last year prepared us for this 18 month trip, that is for sure.  There are items we are not taking, items we should not take but we are (you guys know what I mean when it comes to ladies clothing….), and we have stored up on certain staples that we found on sale or just in large, cheaper quantities from Sams Club.  Better packing equates to better use of the space.  Experience counts when it comes to things like this.  I just hope that a month or two out that when I need to find that one thing that I know we brought…that I know it is somewhere within the confines of this motor home….well, we will face that when the time comes.

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