Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Condo

Well, we have most of the boxes unpacked, and things are coming together inside the condo.  I am glad that we came back and got this done, it will make our future trip that much better.  Although I am not ready to show inside pictures yet, here are some of the outside of our condo, and the condo complex in general.
Above is our front door.  We have a corner unit, which is nice because we only share a wall with one other unit.  Below is our “row”.
Above gives you an overall view from the outside.  The first window middle, behind the decorative post and wall, is our kitchen window, next to it is the entryway, and the next window just under the higher ceiling is our “office window”.  The window next to it is our neighbor. The small windows to the left are in our living room/dining room, and the far left nearly out of sight is the lanai, which we plan to close in with storm proof windows, put a strong, security door for access, and then knock out the sliding glass window which separates it from the living room.  This will increase the size of our living space by 10% or so, and we should get our money back when and if we sell it some day.  Below you can see the screened in lanai, and the window to the left of the lanai is our bedroom window (again under the higher roof).  So the condo is two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room/dining room, laundry room, and lanai.
There’s 76 condos within complex.  All are single level, all are laid out fairly the same other than corner units having more windows, and of course, mirror image of adjoining units.  (Kitchens to the left of the front door on one unit while it is to the right of the front door on the neighboring unit.)  Here are some pictures of the rest of the complex.
Mother nature sure provided a nice canvas in which to show off the condo complex this evening.
The view above is down the street looking at the pool complex. Below is a look behind me, which looking at our unit….you can see our HHR to the right in the covered parking.
Below is just a typical unit.  The condo complex is 30 years old…but all the units have new roofs, and new stucco on the walls.  With all of this work, there are a few plants which were pulled out, and they will be replaced this fall.  As with most condos, we don’t have to worry about any of the outside work, and we pay a condo association fee of under $200 per month, which includes certain insurance coverage that we don’t have to buy, and the condo takes care of all outside issues (leaky roof, for instance).  The association carries no debt…all the work is paid for through the dues.  Overall, the condo complex is in excellent condition.
Above is the view down the other side of the complex towards the front and only entrance (this road runs parallel the pictures above showing the swimming pool area).  Although it is not a gated community, with one entrance, and with the condo president living in the first unit at the entrance, it is well protected.  Just in case, there are security cameras in certain areas.  Other than a few cars which were “broken into” (unlocked car doors) there has been no crime to speak of for all the years it has been here.  Below is a closer picture of the pool area, which includes a covered building where one could have a small gathering sheltered from the sun or rain.   
Above is the entrance to the condo.  It is really a very nice place to live.  Must be 55+ to live here.  There is only one problem…and it is a BIG PROBLEM… dogs, no cats, not even caged birds.  Oh I miss my little Skruffy, and Bubba too.  But while we are here, and we won’t be here too long after this because after we look for a new motor home, we will either buy and leave, or we will keep what we have and leave.  Over the next four or five years, I expect that we will be traveling in the motorhome for 85-90% of that time.  While here, our dogs are safe at Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandy’s house where they get to enjoy life with two other dogs, two cats, two children and three adults…and many daily (or near daily) visits from us.  But oh, how it hurts to be away….Sad smileThumbs downWilted roseStorm cloudSteaming mad Ok you get the point….

Note:  Tomorrow it looks like I get to drive back to Little Rock and pick our baby up from Cummins.  Then once we get it back home, the fun begins in finding another one.  Right now, we are thinking about a Jayco Melbourne or a Winnebago Aspect, not sure if it will be new or slightly used…and we are still open to others which are similar. 

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